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You Can Twirl Too!

A lesson in perception and self-love

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You Can Twirl Too | My Home Vitality

Earlier, I saw a little girl wearing frilly dress walking alongside the road.

Out of nowhere she did a little twirl and carried on walking. Cute right?

Why is it that we smile inside when seeing a child frivolously enjoying life but we get rather concerned if it’s anyone else?

I’m not sure I would have had the same warm feeling if I saw a 40-year-old tattooed biker spinning in a frilly dress.

Life is about perception. We choose how we feel about these people and, most importantly, about ourselves. Be so unf*ckwithable that you feel comfortable twirling no matter who you are.

Enjoy yourself today. Live in the moment and do whatever you want. If that means twirling, you twirl.


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