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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

My simple take on the meaning of life

What do you think?

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The meaning of life | My Home Vitality

“The nicest person I have ever met”

I was graced with the presence of the “nicest person I’ve ever met” this week (their words about themselves – you be the judge) and the conversation got deep!

We delved into the murky waters of religion and the meaning of life.

Now I know conventional advice is to stay clear of touchy topics like religion or politics but, being the unconventional maverick I am, here it goes…

My thoughts on religion

I’m not particularly religious.

I am open to ideas and I’m sure my opinion will change as time passes; however, at the moment, I believe there is an energy that flows through us all; an energy that we run on, like electricity.

You know what I mean… It’s the ‘electric’ feeling you get in stadiums amongst thousands of people, or the ‘vibe’ you get when someone enters your personal space and you can feel their aura without them even touching you.

I also believe that, as living things, we need more than this energy to survive.

We strive in this perfect environment of sunlight, water, food and air, but I don’t think we were given it by a greater being, I think it formed from the great soup that we call the universe.

I’m still pondering where the resources came from but my thought process is kind of like the infinite monkey theorem – if you have a inconceivable amount of resources (energy, matter or monkeys with typewriters) and sufficient time, perfection will be created (a living planet or the complete works of Shakespeare).

Although the probability of this happening is inconceivably small, there is still a chance. Plus, there is an even bigger chance that our misunderstanding of the universe has resulted in such tenuous probability estimates.

Of course, no one knows the answer. I often find myself considering our solar system as a tiny cell (maybe a cancer cell) in a huge living organism but that’s a whole different take on it!

What I do know is that we are extremely insignificant creatures operating in a vast universe.

We do not understand everything and we do not play a significant role.

There are things we can’t perceive through our restrictive senses; for example, waves and frequencies, and I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

However insignificant and oblivious we may be, we are still here and we are still capable of making a difference to our little community, passing on hidden meanings found within life.

So what’s the hidden meaning for me?

The meaning of life

If there is one lesson that seems to echo throughout the lives of humans, it is to LET GO!

Everyone enters this world with nothing. A naked shell of a human, who knows no language, has no beliefs and understand no concepts.

Then, over time, you accumulate “things” – language, thoughts, beliefs, material items, knowledge, etc.

As time passes, you start to understand that these “things” can often hold you back, like when you can’t find the words to describe a feeling, when beliefs restrict your progress and when material items oppress your freedom.

At this point you learn to let go, making life simpler, happier and ultimately freer!

You don’t worry about petty arguments, you give your wealth to charity and you spend time in the garden just being.

Then you exit the world with the ultimate form of letting go – you die.

Maybe, just maybe, life is telling you to LET GO!

Applying this lesson to your life

We now live in a society where problems arise from abundance, not scarcity.

Obesity, greed, stress, burnout, addiction and environmental ruin all result from a craving for more or at least, not less.

But maybe less is the answer?

After all, it seems that life forces you to let go.

Is this the meaning of life? If I’m honest, I don’t think there is one, but it’s certainly a good lesson to live by.

What do you think?


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