We Are All One in Love!

Spirituality with “the love man” Keith Higgs

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Keith Higgs

We are all one in love!

How does that make you feel?

In my belief system and view of the deeper reality, way above the realm of our physical senses, it is forever true.

However, travelling in this earthly realm, it can seem a bit far-fetched. When I look through the eyes of Spirit there is knowledge of this, as an absolute truth.

For me, there is, in the bigger picture, only One thing – The Loving Energy of the Divine which comprises All Things. Therefore, All Things have to be a part of that One.

If we all truly believed that, the world would be a far better place – Even as wonderful as Heaven on Earth, because then, we would treat each part of the great us, that we meet on our earthly journeys, with respect and honour, just like we would love to be treated.

One Love

How can we all be one, when, with our eyes, we appear to see total separation?

It’s interesting that even science is facing the same riddle. Quantum Physics has turned conventional thinking upside down and shattered so many old certainties.

Light is probably one of the closest energies to Love and can be viewed in two ways, depending on what the observer expects – as an individual particle or as a wave. This is just like we can be seen as individuals or as parts of the One.

Like the drops of water in the ocean, where does one end and the next begin? All are a wave and each wave is the ocean.

How do you view your self? As a lonely individual, or as a part of the One Divine Love? Or, is it at times both?

Our ego, for its survival, has taught us we are individuals. Ever since we arrived here, we have been convinced we are our body, this is our name.

I know the consciousness that is me is so much greater than just my body, and my name is just what I’m called here.

Sadly we have allowed in our world, this illusion and crazy dream. It has become a place, for many, of fear and distrust, protection, grievances and hate.


What if we were all to adopt the view and belief that all I do for, or to another, I am actually doing to me?

Let Love reign and check out this belief system, if you dare. It has the potential to change your and all of our worlds. Stand in the place of this perception and explore all you can see with the eyes of a heavenly observer. It is a far better place to live and Love.

Yes, there will be moments when you drift in and out of both worlds, but know the real world of Love will return. This is where all of us, that truly Love, live in Spirit all along.

Balloons Love

We are just dipping in and out of our earthly journey, making the wonderful choice of melting all blocks and flying back to Love, our true home.

I look forward to meeting and recognising you there.

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