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Two Crappy Pages

How to feed your soul and develop your mind with two crappy pages per day!

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Two Crappy Pages | My Home Vitality

Feed your soul!

Over the past few weeks – no, months – in fact – I’m lying to you and myself…

Over several YEARS I have struggled to do things that I really like doing, things that suit my personality and satisfy my inner being; but after beginning to write, my mind has cleared.

I’ve started to realise that looking cool and trying to gain the respect of others’ is not necessarily beneficial for my health; it’s more meaningful work, work that captivates my soul, which contributes towards my greater being!

As I mentioned in MY STORY – a history of my mental health – I always carried a mild sadness inside.

If the perfect storm hit, it would immobilise me mentally for days, sometimes weeks!

Writing has been my getaway!

With writing, I can slip into flow within seconds and all my troubles, worries and anxieties disappear.

Some jobs I’ve worked at have felt like jamming a square peg into a round hole but with writing it’s different, the shapes fit into place nicely, like slotting the last tile into a thousand-piece puzzle.

The ego strikes back!

You should know by now that I enjoy a Star Wars analogy, and if it’s not The Empire striking back, it’s that darn ego!

I used to avoid writing through fear that I should be doing something else – “proper work” my ego would call it; and it wouldn’t stop there!

Often I would find myself neglecting to write because I might say something wrong or be judged.

Silly, I know, especially coming from a guy who teaches mindfulness and tells people to chill and not to worry so much!

The solution – Two crappy pages per day!

Tim Ferriss to the rescue again!

I think I got this technique from his book, Tools Of Titans, in the section where he notes tips from Neil Strauss, the New York Times best-selling author.

From what I can recall, he talks about writer’s block and how to combat it by writing just 2 crappy pages per day.

Crappy pages | Gareth Philpotts | My Home Vitality

Regardless of how you feel, just write 2 crappy pages per day!

What’s the worst that can happen?

You can delete it, throw it in the trash, or put it out there with the thought that someone may like your style.

Applying two crappy pages to life

You can apply this to any subject, goal, or task; just make a start!

Whether it’s crap or you feel crap, at least you’re getting the ball rolling!

Sometimes you just have to jump out the window and grow wings on the way down.

― Ray Bradbury

Make your 2 crappy pages none-negotiable. Every day, just make a start!

No matter what you do, you will only get better.

Whether it’s writing or fighting, the principles are the same (just with less broken bones – unless you really upset someone with your writing).

And by fighting, I mean consistently channelling your energy into a disciplined martial art that improves your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing; not going out onto the street and kicking the first person you see!

My two crappy pages

I started this with the intention of writing 2 crappy pages but it turned into a blog, ironic really.

I hope you’re looking forward to more crappy pages in the future!

Thanks again and see you soon!

Gareth – writer, chimp handler and still trainee Jedi!

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