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Things To Do This Christmas To Improve Your Lifestyle


Nowadays we seem to spend most of our time planning and preparing for Christmas rather than actually enjoying it.

Well… We are looking to put a stop to that this Christmas!

This Christmas will be spent appreciating the time we have.

So ditch those time-wasting tasks and get involved in activities that will improve you overall wellbeing.

  1. Head to the nearest Christmas event

Attend a local Christmas event to lift your holiday spirits and improve your emotional and physical health.

Get outside and indulge in something new, something that releases your inner child, something that feels like you are living.

Join the crowds for extra fun and a much needed dose of fresh fall air.

It is easy to find some sort of event that is going on in your local area. Try some of these resources to see what you can find:

Click here to find out what’s on local to you.

If there isn’t an event in town that tickles your fancy why not consider taking a short trip:

  • Disney World always puts on magical Christmas shows, parades and parties, attended by all of your favourite Disney characters. Getting out to an event like this is great for the heart, without mentioning the calories burned from walking (and dancing if you are brave enough!).
  • Head to a Christmas market or craft fair. You can see some fantastic places, meet some fantastic people, indulge in some fantastic gastronomy and pick up some fantastic craft items. You can find these dotted around the globe:
  • Go see the Christmas lights and parades in cities you have never visited before. Like the two suggestions mentioned above, it is great for the heart, mind, soul and body.
  • Go see Santa and his elves! Granted, this is something you should probably do with kids if you want to appear relatively sane. It doesn’t matter whether it is Lapland or the local shopping centre, when you see the joy and excitement on children’s faces you cannot avoid feeding your body with good emotions. Happy is healthy!
  • Want to get your heart pumping harder? There are festive runs organised all around the world so find your local race, pull on those thermals and get yourself moving!

  1. Reconnect with nature

Christmas isn’t all about festivities and cooking. It’s a great time to relax and reconnect with the earth. Feed your spirituality, align with nature, ponder.

First, read ‘Nature, Man and Woman’ by Alan Watts. Then go out into the world and notice how you think and feel about the world. It may just change your life!

By being out in the world is natural; walking in the park, biking around the city, or hiking in the nearest forest, feeds all aspects of a healthy lifestyle:

  • You get the physical benefits of movement and cardiovascular exertion – Move!
  • You get the mental benefits of being completely present – Discharge your worries and clear your mind!
  • You get the emotional benefits of appreciating life’s beauty – Empower your senses and be thankful!
  • You get the spiritual benefits of being one with the universe – Let go of your ego and feel at one with nature!

If you do these three things on Christmas and continue on a regular basis there is no disputing the benefits – just some examples:

  • Strengthen your heart health
  • Improve your balance, core, and bone density
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Feel more relaxed and less stressed
  • Be more in control your mind
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Appreciate the world
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Become happier
  • Release positive chemicals in the brain
  • Become less egotistical
  • Be less dependent on material items and rewards
  • Become more compassionate
  • Feel free

These, relatively simple, activities are little reminders of how vast and beautiful the world really is and how grateful you should be for being able to enjoy this beauty. It’s as simple as getting out and being 100% present – forget about the past and/or the future – focus on what you can hear, see, smell, feel, taste, right now!

  1. Help the needy


Unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy a tasty Christmas dinner with our family and friends. Providing aid to those less fortunate is a truly inspiring thing to do.

If you know someone who is eating alone this Christmas, or if there is an old people’s home or homeless shelter nearby, make time to help them. You don’t have to spend anything to help others, just be there for them.

Provide support, advice, invite them for dinner, play cards, sing, do whatever you want… The point is, you are there for them when they really need you. This will do wonders for your emotional and mental well-being but you will also provide something even more powerful to those that you are helping – a feeling of appreciation, hope, joy and love.

It is also great to get children involved. They are the future of our society. They need to become aware of the real life struggles. Build them up to become great people and leaders of the future. As Dr. Itai Ivtzan would say “Awareness is freedom!“

Who knows how many people will read this article… Let’s say 500. If 500 people improve the lives of 5 people, who then go on to enhance the lives of 5 other people, it will only take 7 descendants from your original 5 to change 7.8 billion people. The world currently has a population of 7.6 billion (as of October 2017) so if you want to change the world… Change the lives of 5 people!

  1. Skate

Skating is always a popular Christmas activity! The fresh crispy air and the company of family, friends, or even strangers will help you unwind from the long weeks of work, chores, and daily stress.

Ice skating improves joints, strengthens cardiovascular health, builds leg muscles, improves balance and joint flexibility, and aids in weight loss.

Chances are you rarely go ice skating, so why not try something new. It’s fun, active and sociable – What more do you want!?

Simply type “ice rink near me” in Google Maps and you will find your local rink.

  1. Meet someone that you haven’t seen for a long time

What can be more blissful than reconnecting with people that have truly impacted on your life but you just don’t see any more?

Perhaps you have been too busy to catch up or maybe you had a dispute and fell out.

Christmas is an amazing opportunity to dump your ego, forget about the past, forget about the future and enjoy the present! Get in contact with them; you may never have another chance!

Watch this short video about two ex lovers:

It is only 3:36 minutes long but the message in it is extremely powerful. “We never see things as THEY are; we see things as WE are!

Make time, forgive and forget. Happiness in life comes from experiences so whether you are reminiscing about the past or creating new ones , do not regret reliving or missing out on those experiences with the people who are important to you!

It is easier than ever now to catch up with old acquaintances. Hop on to social media, Google, ask around – no excuses – Drop your ego and enjoy those experiences!

  1. Laugh

Laughter feels good! The feeling is up there with love, nostalgia, relaxation and nice fresh bedsheets!

It reduces blood pressure, combats stress, boosts your heart health, stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers!), strengthens your immune system, and even works your abs.

As well as the physical benefits, there are also a significant amount of social benefits. As mammals are the main species that partake in laughter (humans, monkeys and even rats!) – some theories suggest that it is a building block of relationships in the mammal world. It evokes bonding and communal activity, reduces conflict and eases anxiety.

Laughter is also intrinsically linked to play whether that is physical or verbal, so play this Christmas!

Whether you watch a comedy or comedian play verbally or have fun outdoors playing with friends make sure you share lots of laughter to increase your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Reference some sources of comedy

  1. Just relax

We live in a busy, technology-driven world, where stress has become an obligatory part of our daily lives.

Christmas as a holiday can also be stressful… shopping, cooking, catering for guests, cleaning, the list goes on!

Try to find time to take care of your mental health and just relax. Be it a vacation or a meditation, do something that you know can instantly bring you inner peace, a clear mind, and a flow of happiness.

Think about all the positive things you’re grateful for and how blessed you are to be alive right now.


Christmas provides a fantastic opportunity to reconsider your lifestyle and alter it to promote your overall well-being. Be sure to spend it with the most benefit to your overall health.

  • Get out!
  • Reconnect with nature and see its true beauty
  • Help the needy
  • Skate
  • Meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time
  • Laugh
  • Relax
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Things To Do This Christmas To Improve Your Lifestyle


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