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The Friends & Family Feast Challenge! – #FFF

Cook for your nearest and dearest once per month!

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The Friends & Family Feast Challenge - #FFF
The Friends & Family Feast Challenge - #FFF

Having put up with me for almost three decades, I promised my parents, when I moved out, that I would cook them a feast on the last Saturday of every month; a form of gratitude on my part.

When I made this promise, I didn’t realise how big a deal it would be for my parents, myself and even those around me.

I only realised when I got the classic Saturday conversation filler from a friend – “So, what you doing tonight?”

“Nothing much – I cook for my parents on the last Saturday of every month so that will take up most of my evening.”

My friend’s reply was subtle but inspiring – “Awwwww, that’s lovely, you have such a great relationship with your parents!”

Throughout that whole day I could not get this comment out of my head – “do I? Is that not normal? Don’t other families do things together? Do I take the relationship I have with my parents for granted?”

It’s funny how a relatively minor task like cooking for your friends and family has a big impact on your relationships and your health.

If all it takes is a couple of hours per month, to cook and spend time with your friends and family, in order to create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle, then I’m in! I hope you are too!

On the last Saturday of every month WE (you and I) are going to cook a meal for close friends and family. We are going to share recipes, trials and tribulations. Whether your #FFF is a disaster or a culinary masterpiece, I want to see it and I want to hear about it!

Benefits? What benefits…

  • Improve cooking skills
  • Develop ability to follow a recipe (instructions)
  • Increase nutritional knowledge
  • Develop stronger relationships
  • Improve soft skills – Conversation, storytelling, etc.
  • Feel grateful
  • Feel part of the #FFF community
  • #LiveLoveLaugh
  • Escape from “noise” and technology
  • Establish discipline
  • Provide an example for children in the family
  • Save money by not eating out

Join the movement to find out how you will benefit!

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