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The Best Relationship Advice On The Internet

Using the internet to find the best relationship advice

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The Best Relationship Advice On The Internet

The internet can be a bad place but used correctly it can also be a tremendous resource.

One way of getting the most out of the internet is to follow those who add real value to the world.

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu are two such people.

In a recent Instagram post, the couple reveal their top 9 lessons from a happy 17-year marriage, including:

  1. Have sex often.
  2. Communicate obsessively.
  3. Lift each other up.
  4. Be honest – especially when it’s hard.
  5. Be a good leader and a good follower.
  6. Forgive mistakes fast.
  7. Hold each other to a high-a** standard.
  8. Want the other person to win.
  9. Make your marriage your highest priority.
Tom and Lisa Bilyeu 9 relationship lessons

The pair managed to co-found a billion-dollar health brand – Quest Nutrition – most commonly known for its protein based products and Tom is now a leading online figure though his online shows and podcasts.

There’s no doubt that they are both very busy, driven people, which are traits often used as excuses for poor relationships.

Although, in Lisa’s words, “one IG post just ain’t gonna cover it all” we feel that these 9 lessons need to be shared.

Beware of numbers 2, 4 and 6. The most difficult ones are often the most important.

We hope you benefit from the couple’s lessons as much as we did.

Please share this with your loved ones.

The MHV Team.

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