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Take Your Own Tonic

A rant about practicing what you preach

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Take Your Own Tonic | My Home Vitality

The so-called gurus

I’ve got to be careful how I write this as I don’t want to seem like a judgemental a**hole but I feel the need outweighs the risk.

All around me I see products and services being sold on every platform known to man, for extortionate prices, by people who are not taking their own to tonic!!!!

Taking your own tonic?

Have you ever come across the 24-year-old “life coach” who hasn’t experienced life?

How about the “personal trainer” who’s never done a pull up or can’t run a mile?

The list is plentiful… business advisors, nutritionists, food critics, and even bloody dog trainers (I’m getting worked up now, BREATHE).

These are sometimes known as “armchair warriors” – people who have never experienced what it feels like to deal with, do or achieve the things that they are advising on – they have never taken their own tonic.

Everyone is now an expert!

Seek out the tonic takers

If I want advice, I seek out people that have genuinely achieved results consistently, over a sustained period, or at least lived through my predicament.

I do not look to some flash-in-the-pan Instagram model who has propelled from a college dropout to an expert adviser by completing a weekend course, especially when they are not taking their own tonic.

The same goes for books. I only read books that have stood the test of time, with principles that continue to be relevant.

Let’s be clear here, I’m not saying avoid new things, and for those trainers just starting out – everyone must start somewhere, but be honest, practice what you preach and learn from those who are doing the same.

My view on expertise

I have been studying the mind, body and spirit for around twenty years now, but I’m not an expert or a guru.

I can say with conviction that anything I share with you, I have done myself, been through myself or have found it useful, and I know I can say the same for Shaun, WE ARE TAKING OUR OWN TONIC.

We write or talk about experiences and useful approaches because we want to help you to grow.

I will never consider myself an expert.

I will always have a white belt mentality.

It’s “the beginners mind.”

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know - Aristotle Quote | My Home Vitality

Everyone falls off the path

Specialists are not gods, they are human beings who, like you and I, have strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes they fall off the path, succumb to temptation or get things wrong.

What makes a good one is their honesty in those situations – being humble enough to admit that they were wrong, or a new regime is better.

Would you rather obtain knowledge from someone who is providing it from a heart-centred place, or an ego-centred place?

Who’s likely to be more truthful and authentic – someone who genuinely wants to help, or someone who prioritises personal gain?

Everyone must earn a living

I understand that everyone needs to earn a living.

Providing sound knowledge, from a heart-centred place, at a fair price is admirable.

Selling things that you don’t believe in, to unassuming customers, through psychological marketing tactics is not.

Where am I getting my information from?

Ask yourself:

  • Is this person selling their services from a heart-centred place?
  • Do they want me to improve?
  • Are they selling their services from a place of ego-centred greed?
  • Are they taking their own tonic?

Take your own tonic?

Are you selling products, services or information that aligns with your values, or are you selling your soul?

I will leave you with this extract from Tribe of Mentors:

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

“Just about anything that comes from someone who has not lived and been tested in the trenches. Beware the philosophologist” – Josh Waitzkin.

Please, TAKE YOUR OWN TONIC and I will endeavour to do the same, Gareth.

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