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Sue Donnellan – Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A F^ck (#72)

How to emerge unscathed and triumphant with four children, 3 businesses, 2 dogs and a military husband who has been deployed 5 times!

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Sue Donnellan - Secrets To Parenting Without Giving A F^ck (#72) | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Sue Donnellan is the mom behind “”, a mentoring platform for parents. She’s also the author of the International #1 Best Selling book, Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a F^ck.

She has four children (three of which are triplets), she’s an entrepreneur of 3 businesses, and the wife of a military officer. If she can emerge unscathed and triumphant, with all this to deal with, so can you and today she’s going to teach us you how!

Some of the things we discuss in today’s show include:

  • How important it is to understand yourself before trying to change anyone’s behaviour.
  • How parenting skills overlap into leadership and coaching.
  • Specific techniques that you can use to gain the trust and respect of your children.
  • More techniques for allowing your children to be independent and accountable for their actions.
  • What makes a successful AND healthy family.

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Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

“Jump and the net will appear.”

Parenting is about investing in the individual. Your job is to facilitate the child to find their own purpose in life. They have their own purpose. It’s their own journey.

“Kids don’t do what you say, they do what they see.”

“Action, not words.”

Always look for the “Win-Win”. Be willing to compromise. Get your ego in check. “Giving is winning.”

Prior preparation is key! It doesn’t matter until it matters. Work in advance.

“Children are adults in training.”

“Letting go of control is how we gain control.”

“Give freedom within the boundaries.”

Restriction = Rebellion.

Parenting is a partnership.

“Read your audience.” “Notice the pattern.”

“I’m only in charge of me, I’m not in charge of you.”

Your superpower = The ability to choose.

Look at things from every angle and perspective. 360-degree decision making, plus zooming in and out (macro to micro view). Detach!

“Brand yourself as unshockable.”

Expose your children to as many experiences as possible.

“If you find something that makes you happy and fulfils you, the money takes care of itself.”

Trust yourself!

“Health is the basis of performance.”

“If you think you’re so spiritual, go and spend two weeks with your relatives.”

Question of the day:

“Are there any parenting techniques that are generally accepted as ‘normal’ but either don’t work or are counter intuitive?”

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Show notes:

  • 00:00 – Overall show introduction.
  • 00:38 – Finding your purpose, happiness and success in life –
  • 02:02 – Introduction to today’s show.
  • 03:16 – Sue’s “Country Homes Magazine” backdrop.
  • 04:02 – Sue’s story of motherhood.
  • 08:33 – Balancing spirituality and business.
  • 09:45 – What is the goal of parenting?
  • 11:51 – Being mindful of your actions: parenting, leadership and coaching.
  • 15:02 – Self-awareness and willingness to compromise.
  • 16:55 – The importance of preparation.
  • 18:48 – Why parent without giving a f^ck?
  • 21:56 – Common parenting mistakes.
  • 25:01 – An example of “partnership parenting”.
  • 29:29 – How to forgive your parents.
  • 34:42 – How to approach difficult conversations with your children and others.
  • 39:02 – How important is freedom and independence in a relationship?
  • 41:32 – Should you have a certain level of wisdom before having children?
  • 44:43 – How to balance many commitments.
  • 48:17 – How to get your kids to pick their clothes up.
  • 50:46 – Do you let a baby cry out?
  • 56:27 – The importance of looking after yourself first and foremost.
  • 58:33 – Lessons in parenting from Indiana Jones.
  • 59:17 – How capable kids are!
  • 01:02:35 – A respectful partnership.
  • 01:04:25 – What content and video games should children be allowed to consume?
  • 01:07:11 – Would Sue have done anything differently if she raised another child?
  • 01:08:00 – How to help your child find your purpose?
  • 01:10:44 – How to teach your kids about money and social class.
  • 01:12:39 – Principles and life lessons that Sue lives by.
  • 01:14:00 – What makes a successful AND healthy family?
  • 01:15:38 – What makes a successful AND healthy individual?
  • 01:16:20 – Resources that Sue often gifts, recommends or refers back to.
  • 01:19:33 – Gaz’s final quote.
  • 01:19:54 – Where to find more from Sue.
  • 01:21:08 – Where to find more, next week’s guest and
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