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Some Home Truths About People

Notes of my most interesting discoveries and thoughts about people

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Some Home Truths About People | My Home Vitality

If 99.99% of the world don’t like you, approximately 780,000 people do (October 2019).

On a genetic level, all human beings are between 99% and 99.9% identical – Resource 1 & Resource 2

Only 58% of the world’s population have access to the internet (October 2019) – Resource

Every minute a newborn dies from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment – World Health Organisation 2015 via Water Aid

The annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of people bitten by other people in New York – Resource

It was estimated that a total of 108 billion people have lived up until October 2011. There have been roughly 1.125 billion births since then (to January 2020), resulting in a cumulative living total of 109.125 billion (Jan 2020 estimate). Of that, 7% (around 7.8 billion people) are alive now (January 2020).

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

The entire population of the world, stood shoulder-to-shoulder, could fit within the 500 square miles (1,300 square kilometres) of Los Angeles – Resource

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