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Some Home Truths About Nature And The Universe

Notes of my most interesting discoveries about nature and the Universe

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Some Home Truths About Nature And The Universe | My Home Vitality

The Amazon rainforest is being cleared at roughly the rate of a football pitch per minute, according to satellite data (July 2019) – Resource

The triple point of water is where pressure and temperature is at such a point that water exists as a liquid, solid and gas at the same time. There is a triple point for all ingredients in the universe, not just water – Resource

The probability of you or me being alive is so unlikely it is practically impossible. We live in an environment that has the perfect temperature, energy, atmosphere, ingredients, magnetic fields, trajectory, space, etc. We have a body that allows us to live perfectly in this environment (see home truths about your body). Then you have to consider the chances of your perfect-bodied ancestors all meeting in a perfect environment and just the right sperm of your father meeting the right egg of your mother. The probabilities of everything being this perfect are too much for me to even fathom, let alone estimate. Dr Ali Binazir makes an entertaining attempt in his article Are You a Miracle? On the Probability of Your Being Born.

If separate pieces of the same type of metal are pressed together in space, they will bond and permanently weld together. This happens because the atoms of each individual piece of metal have no way of knowing that they are different pieces of metal. This wouldn’t happen on Earth because the surface layers of a metal react with the oxygen in the atmosphere to create a protective oxide layer around the metals.

We define what is “normal” based on our life experiences and what we perceive through our five sense. Nature and the Universe is far more incomprehensible than we can even begin to imagine.

YOU KNOW, WHEN YOU KNOW YOU DO NOT KNOW | Shaun Cadwalleder Quote | My Home Vitality

Without empty space, the World’s atoms could fit into a grain of salt. This means that the vast majority of everything is nothingness (including colossal solid-looking objects). Nothingness is the ultimate reality and we shall return to being nothing.

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I hope these truths serve you as much as they serve me.


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