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Sleep 8 Hours In 3? With Dr. Kirk Parsley (#101)

Can you cram 8 hours of sleep into 3 hours? (and other sleep related questions).

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Sleep 8 Hours In 3? With Dr. Kirk Parsley (#101) | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Dr. Kirk Parsley is one of the world’s most renowned sleep experts, and a retired NAVY SEAL.

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Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

There is no hack! Do what needs to be done.

It is a lifestyle choice.

Stitch a tennis ball in the back of your shirt to avoid sleeping on your back.

Create a sleep routine like a baby.

“The number of people who can survive on 5 hours of sleep or less without any impairment, expressed as a percent of the population, and rounded to a whole number, is zero.” – Dr. Thomas Roth in Matthew Walker’s book, Why We Sleep.

You’ve got more chance of being struck by lightning and being bit by a shark than being a super sleeper.

Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, your body still breaks-down molecules for energy, creates waste products and is tired, you just don’t feel it – you’re covering the cracks.

Bed and mattress needs are different for everyone.

People say they feel fine when they’re tired mainly because cortisol is high in their system (as well as caffeine and other stimulants). It’s like the fight or flight response – your body deals with the danger by giving you energy.

Melatonin is just the starter gun for sleep. Don’t supplement with melatonin too much because it stops your natural production.

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Show notes:

  • 00:00:00 – Intro to Dr. Kirk Parsley.
  • 00:00:09 – How to sleep 8 hours in 3 hours.
  • 00:31:51 – Why you think you can operate on less than 8 hours sleep (but you can’t).
  • 00:49:12 – The dangers of poor sleep.
  • 00:53:50 – Wired and tired.
  • 00:59:21 – Advice for getting a good night’s sleep & sleeping with a partner.
  • 01:15:44 – The secret to sleep.
  • 01:20:49 – Tips for sleeping with snorers.
  • 01:24:42 – Nutrition and sleep supplements.
  • 01:29:45 – Personal questions?
  • 01:30:33 – Do you sleep better after sex?
  • 01:31:56 – Where to find Doc Parsley’s resources.
  • 01:33:32 – “They kept us awake for a week!”

People and resources mentioned:

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