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The Best Travel Destinations To Grow, Relax & Become Enlightened

Overseas adventure travel destinations that will open your mind and feed your spirit

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Yoga on a beach

Life can become extremely overwhelming at times, with many unfulfilling responsibilities and drama-filled days, literally draining the life-force from your soul.

Social pressures mixed with personal issues can pile up insurmountably, sometimes reaching unbearable levels.

Some people are unable to manage stress properly and instead surrender to a defeatist attitude, drowned in narcotics and/or addictive behaviours to fill an empty part of themselves that usually remains hollow.

Some find techniques to help them deal with stress.

Others just get away! Leaving behind their worries by taking a journey of a lifetime – both physically and mentally!

Travelling to an Exotic Destination for Spiritual Enlightenment

The world works on energy, frequencies and waves.

Every living thing on planet earth emits energy that can directly and/or indirectly affect yours.

Some energy is easily picked up on and can be used to judge how other living things are feeling.

Most energy is analysed subconsciously, it’s that feeling you get in your gut when something is not quite right.

Being around too much negative energy can wreak havoc on you mood, emotions and soul, creating a paralyzed, destructive mind full of negativity and pessimism.

Travelling to an exotic destination, to get away from all the negative thoughts and destructive behaviours, can give you the boost that you really need.

A revived outlook and a breath of fresh air might be the answer.

Swim in cool pools

There are many destinations around the world that could fulfil your spiritual needs, opening doors to learn more about yourself, improving your yoga performances and getting in tune with an intrinsic part of yourself aligned with nature and The Universe.

You can literally free your mind from the rat race illusion – The so-called ‘Matrix’.

Spiritual retreats are available to aid in personal growth and self-development; laying the groundwork for improved self-identity, seeing the world as it is and reaching a spiritual realm outside the body for ultimate stress relief.

How to Get There?

Simple – Just create a plan!

Learn about the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and financial changes you need to make in your life to achieve your travel goals.

Create a roadmap of where you want to go, how you are going to get there and how you will live.

Remember, that the only things that you truly need to live are food, water and shelter. Anything else is a bonus!

Explore the world

There are only two books that need to help you plan a long-term trip:

  1. Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel – Rolf Potts
  2. The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich – Tim Ferriss

Combine the hints, tips and resources about travelling in ‘Vagabonding‘ with the life arrangement guidelines in ‘The 4-Hour Work Week‘ and you are on to a winner!

Fulfilling Thailand – Energy Full of Friendly Smiles

Thailand is the most visited country in the world (at the time of writing), beating popular destinations in Europe and the USA. It has a unique energy that is spiritually fulfilling.

Organic food, grown in local jungles, is sold on the streets for an interesting and incomparably fresh eating experience.

Instead of drinking sugar filled “juice” drinks, taste delectable Thai fruits plucked from the vine and squeezed at the millions of street stalls right in front of your eyes.

Raw fruits, fresh vegetables and grilled fish can be found throughout Thailand’s cities.

Daily consumption of such fresh, healthy ingredients will help raise your PH levels from acidic to alkaline, bringing you one step closer to improving your physical performance for soulful rejuvenation.

You know what they say… “Healthy body, healthy mind!”

Try Thai street food

Aside from chemical-free food, Thailand, “The Land of Smiles,” also boasts a truly welcoming atmosphere that emits a collective energy of relaxation and invitation.

Even in Bangkok, there is a general mentality that promotes cooperation.

This is mainly a result of Buddhist teachings that promote patience as an invaluable virtue.

  • Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui is an impressive lifestyle retreat, set away from busy tourist areas. The retreat boasts a selection of activities including yoga practices, detox programs, spa sessions and de-stressing classes, to name a few.
  • New Life Foundation in the Wiang Chai District of Chiang Rai is an amazing foundation that promotes community between those who are suffering or those who just need to readjust. Volunteers live and work together as a community as well as benefiting from the many free workshops and recreational activities available.

“The daily schedule includes meditation, yoga, fitness, drum circles, dance, movie nights, support groups, and much more. The number of sessions that volunteers can join is unlimited.”

If visiting a retreat is not for you, then renting a bungalow on the beach in Krabi or Phuket may be an option. You can get some great deals using or other discount travel sites (again, there are some great resources for discount travel in ‘Vagabonding‘ and ‘The 4-Hour Work Week‘). And don’t worry, you wont miss out on yoga studios and massage parlours! These are dotted around in both locations amongst the high mountains and turquoise water. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it!?

Chillin’ In Iceland for an Intimate Connection with Yourself

Most people believe that Iceland is ice cold but something celestially deeper is brewing under the many glaciers, geysers, volcanoes and hot springs that directly connect you with a higher power.

Iceland is a naturally beautiful country with an absolutely breathtaking physical landscape, providing panoramic picturesque views in every direction.

The climate oscillates, depending on the season, from 35ºF to 60ºF.

Some tourists makes stops along the ‘Ring Road’ (main road around the island), camping in national parks during the summer and visiting the plethora of natural attractions.

These parks are perfect for total isolation – getting away from hectic inner cities, and giving the mind peace as well as connecting with nature.

Visit the Icelandic hills

People are welcoming and friendly in Iceland – it is one of the safest places on the planet and is ranked highly for life expectancy; mainly because of the beliefs and lifestyle choices of the people who live their.

Everyone you meet seems to be healthy, happy and free.

There is a relaxing tourist attraction called The Blue Lagoon, which is a mineral-rich heated pool surrounded by an ancient lava field.

Also, if you’re lucky enough, you can witness the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. According to, September to mid-April is the period when you are most likely to see them (months of full dark nights). For more information, check out their website.

Costa Rica – Exploration into Pristine Jungles for Spiritual Fulfilment

Align with the values of nature by hiking the jungles of Costa Rica, or surfing a radical wave in Playa Hermosa and Santa Teresa, or kayaking, or fishing; outdoor activities are abundant in this tropical paradise.

Meeting indigenous people of Costa Rica is also a great spiritual experience, as well as visiting Palo Verde National Park, zip lining, lounging in volcanic mud baths, horseback riding, and buffet lunches.

Complete isolation from the civilised (and in some cases uncivilised) world maybe what you need!

Explore jungles in Costa Rica

Have general fun at the Revive Wellness Centre at Langosta Beach Club in Tamarindo, after catching some waves, for full relaxing massages, yoga workouts and free weight pumping sessions.

You can really get in tune with nature on the mountaintop at the Pura Vida Resort overlooking the lush, deep green jungles for massages, stress relief, tranquillity and intimacy.

Another destination worth mentioning is The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara; the heart of yoga country.

Tropical Rainforest Cruise through the Amazon Jungles

Planes, trains and automobiles will take us places we need to go on solid land, but what about on something that we cannot live without? Water.

Luxury boats from Peru to Brazil cruise down the Amazon as you look out the window, from your room, into the deep tropical rainforests.

Interact with the indigenous tribal people on the way, who latch on to the slow ferries to sell food.

Some luxury boats stop in certain villages, giving you a chance to witness and learn from the local culture. This is the best opportunity to learn more about yourself and appreciate what you have.

Take the Aria through Peru and the Anakonda through Ecuador for a real trip of a lifetime!

Kayaking or Rafting the Grand Canyon

Many who visit the Grand Canyon consider it a once in a lifetime experience.

Why not take the trip of a lifetime rafting through the canyon among the isolated quietness of nature, connecting with your soul?

The south rim raises about 6,800 feet above sea level and the north rim around 8,600 feet.

Go Rafting in the Grand Canyon

An endless corridor of deep red canyons provide the perfect location to hear yourself think – A place where your voice is the only one you can hear.

You could go with a group or by yourself, just make sure you pack appropriately if you brave it alone!

There are also free shuttle busses and viewpoints if you are interested in a sight-seeing trip.

Yoga in India

Try yoga in India

Not far from the buzzing energy of New Delhi you will find Rishikesh, the yoga capital of world.

Famously visited by The Beatles on their quest to practice transcendental meditation, this mindful city has become a worldwide hub for ancient and modern yoga practices.

The raised city, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, on the banks of the Ganges, is a perfect place for spiritual and physical detoxification.

Some say, that during the evenings, an almost divine breeze flows through the valley, ringing the temple bells as it passes.

It hosts international yoga festivals, aiming to celebrate the joy of yoga and if you become greatly absorbed by the practice there are opportunities to train as a teacher.

You can truly find ultimate peace in a town like this. It’s historic philosophy surrounding yoga, mindfulness and meditation makes it a great place to really develop your spiritual practices.

Final Word

Inner peace is closer than you think and getting away from your current surroundings could be vital for improving your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Sometimes in life we fall out of place, becoming something that we were not meant to be.

Oftentimes, the best way to turn this around is to change our environment.

Take a serious look at the above options to see if any of them appeal to you.

Hopefully, one destination will attract you to take action, get out and refresh your current state.

Your life is counting on it!

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