When starting My Home Vitality, the founders all agreed to abide by 3 core values: (1) We improve lives! (2) We have fun! (3) We learn!

Our recommended products page aims to satisfy value number 1 – as well as providing our community with the best advice and content; we also want to share our most treasured products.

Each product has passed the “close friends and family test” and every comment is a real review by one of the MHV team.

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Products from Amazon.co.uk

I’ve used this mat for years now and it is still as good as the day I bought it! It’s thick so you can use it on hard floors, it folds up so it’s easy to store, it has handles so its easy to carry and its lasted me at least 6 years with very little wear! A few things to note – It is PVC so it can get sweaty (but easy to wipe clean) and it’s not the lightest or smallest mat you are going to find so perfect for transporting around the house but not something you can slip into your gym bag. All in all, a quality mat!

I would recommend these resistance bands to anyone who does a lot of travelling or wants to workout cheaply. Light, easily transportable, different resistances to suit all users and you can work any part of your body with them. I travelled the USA for 10 weeks with these, using them almost every day with no issues. I also take them on every business trip and I know other members of MHV use them when they work away from home.


I use this adjustable hand gripper to train my grip strength when I don’t get time to work out. My favourite way to develop grip strength is to hook a towel over a chin up bar and do chin ups; however, on days when I’m travelling or if I just can’t make it to the gym I give this a squeeze! It’s a relatively cheap piece of kit, the tension is adjustable so it’s suitable for everyone and it can literally be used anywhere.


These adjustable ankle weights are great for people with sedentary office jobs like me (I’m an accountant). I strap these around my ankles and do leg exercises mentioned in our “Desk Exercises” article. It’s an easy way to keep your legs strong while at work. I haven’t lowered the weight from 5kg, which is quite heavy, but it seems easy enough to do. You just unzip the top and take out a pouch (which I assume is sand). There are four pouches of sand in the ankle weights I have. That’s more than enough to keep your muscles active throughout the day.


A book that I always refer back to when considering a new exercise programme. It’s a comprehensive manual on training and is especially good for researching how I complete certain movements to optimise my training and avoid injury. There are also sections for beginners exercises, rest, nutrition, stretching and much, much more. The price of this book is worth every penny if it means I am going to avoid injury!


One of the best books I have ever read! I would say it’s one of my top 5. It actually gives you specific models for living more and working less. Everybody wants freedom in their life and this book gives you the tips, tools and techniques to create it.


Why wouldn’t you want a reference book of tips from the healthiest, wealthiest and wise people on the planet? There is no doubt that you will find something in this book which you will use for the rest of your life – tips, techniques, strategies, products, apps, stories, philosophies. This book really has it all. It’s not a book that you sit down and read at once. It’s a book that you leave on your shelf, either as a reference or to dip into every once in a while. You will not get this kind of advice at this price anywhere else! Worth every penny in my view!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

Very similar layout to the Tools of Titans but Tim Ferriss asks some of the most interesting and successful people in the world 11 questions, of which he publishes the most useful answers. Another fantastic book for gathering top tips from the best in the world and great value for money!

This book is a real life changer. You will find it mentioned across our website, social media platforms, podcasts and videos. It’s a short guide to living a successful life no matter what your definition of success is. Discipline is a must for creating the life of your dreams. There is no shortcut, there is no hack. Discipline Equals Freedom. The book is as simple as that. The book is split into simple sections – mentality (thoughts), nutrition (fuel), rest & recovery (repair and maintenance) and exercise (workouts).

I found this really useful for creating learning plans as I move through stages of learning. From apprenticeship to skill acquisition to experimentation, the foundation of this book is brilliant.There are also some useful stories to refer back to if you find yourself struggling. It is a large book, so a summarised version or audio book may be more suitable for those who don’t read.

This is not a pickup book! I learned more about personal and social development from this book than I have most others! Mark Manson focuses on developing yourself as a person to create strong human connections, not “performing” for some unfulfilling goal. Some of the advice given in this book is invaluable, especially around vulnerability, honesty, communication, anxiety and generally living a well-balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. Women could also learn a lot from this book. If anything, it’s a personal development guide!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

Could not live without this baby! You can cook whole meals on it without a fuss, it’s easy to clean and very quick for lean cooking. Vegetables, meat, fish, you name it, you can do it. If the only culinary equipment I had was a knife, fork, plate and this, I would be able to live just fine! It’s a great investment and not expensive either!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

Without doubt one of the best cookery books on the market! The whole team here love it and everyone we speak to seems to love it! There are only 5 ingredients per recipe, making preparation super easy and the book is split into sections so you can find the recipes you want – salads, pasta, eggs, chicken, fish, beef, noodles, veg, etc. The list goes on! I am speaking on behalf of all the team here at My Home Vitality – this is an awesome cookery book!

I have referred this book to work colleges who often find themselves short on time. Brilliant book with some great recipes and works a treat if you need quick healthy meal ideas. Joe breaks it down nicely too – explaining his plan, reduced carb recipes, higher carb recipes, snacks, treats and exercises. It’s not a health book that restricts your diet to the usual chicken, rice and vegetables. There is something for everyone!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

I’ve been using this for a while now. It works perfectly for making my super healthy smoothies and protein drinks. It’s really simple to use, easy to clean and can blend all sorts of foods – even fruit, vegetables and nuts! This is a product I use almost every day, which is convenient considering I was given the task of writing our “Healthy Smoothies” article!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

I purchased this soup maker a while ago because every Sunday evening I have left over vegetables! This product is perfect for me to prepare a quick batch of soup to take to work throughout the week. I just add my leftover vegetables, boiling water, a stock cube and seasoning and the soup maker does the rest. This machine will blend and cook any vegetables you like. When done, pour out the soup into separate containers and pop them in the fridge – you have meals for at least the next few days!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

The My Home Vitality team are big fans of the summer and what better than a little Caribbean taste to put us in the mood! I introduced this book to the team not long ago and we all seem to love it! There are plenty of options for appetisers, mains and desserts. My personal favourite is the Jamaican Pork Chops. There are also some great BBQ recipes – a perfect summer cookery book!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

This wok was bought for me as a gift by my work colleagues and it’s one of the best gifts I have been given! It’s fantastic for dishes such as stir fry, pad thai, jambalaya and paella; although, I do tend to use a larger wok when I’m cooking for friends and family. It can cope in the oven up to 200°C / Gas Mark 6 (but I can’t say I’ve ever put it in the oven) and it comes with a lifetime guarantee so spend once and you have a wok for life!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

After listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Matthew Walker I just had to buy this book! It really opens your eyes to the importance of sleep. Current, scientific, factual, relevant and very significant for those looking to improve their health. A must read in my opinion!


I know many of the My Home Vitality team use Headspace but in slightly different ways. Some people use it to help them sleep, some like it to improve focus and some like it to wind down after a hard day at work. I would definitely recommend trialling the 10 free meditations available when you download the app. You have nothing to lose!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

This is not a pickup book! I learned more about personal and social development from this book than I have most others! Mark Manson focuses on developing yourself as a person to create strong human connections, not “performing” for some unfulfilling goal. Some of the advice given in this book is invaluable, especially around vulnerability, honesty, communication, anxiety and generally living a well-balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. Women could also learn a lot from this book. If anything, it’s a personal development guide!


This is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received! When my husband went away, he gave me this book of letters to open when my mood matched the description on the envelope. He wrote down memories that we shared together, each relating to a different feeling. This is an awesome gift that you can give to virtually anyone to boost morale when you’re not around. I will never forget it!


I first used moonpig.com when moving house. The people I purchased the house from were really lovely people and left me a lot of furniture which would have cost me a fortune to buy new. After living in my home for a few months I found a picture of the old couple which I used to design a personalised card using moonpig.com. The couple really appreciated the card and now I go to see them most Sundays for dinner. The power of a personalised message is undeniable. I now have an amazing relationship with the couple and their family and I get free meals too! 🙂 Cards, gifts, flowers and confectionery, moonpig.com does it all and I’ve never had a bad service!


Products from Amazon.co.uk

I recommend this book to people who aren’t really interested in tending to their mind and spirit (often due to education or cultural issues) but are curious about the worldwide wellness trend that we seem to be going through. Ruby Wax makes health (especially mental health) simple and entertaining. She also provides some good practical instructions on how to relieve stress and anxiety. I wouldn’t say this book is a life changer or suitable for everyone, but it will ease people into developing their mental health who may not otherwise be interested. My mother for example!


I always refer back to this book! It’s relatable, non-religious and very practical. Simply live in the moment! It has helped me to stop worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past. Now I take time to focus on the beauty around me. This book will help people who are often too busy to notice what’s going on in their own mind because of past/future meetings, work, debt, deadlines, disappointments, etc. A very enlightening book which will change the way you look at life!

This book was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was interested in consciousness, meditation and “spirituality” but also knew I wasn’t religious. I always refer back to pages 2 to 5, reminding me to live in the present, look after my mind and love unconditionally. Some parts are a bit “neurosciencey” (which interested me) and there are religious discussions (which didn’t interest me) but if you are looking for a logical take on consciousness, mindfulness, “the self” and meditation, separate from religious beliefs, you will enjoy it. It was well worth a read just to open my mind further to spirituality and consciousness.

This book has it all if you are looking to master your mind. For a relatively short book, it is packed with tips, tools, techniques, anecdotes and practices that you can apply to every day life. I like it because it is simply broken down into sections that I can read and apply to my life one step at a time. I have used it for breathing drills, mental toughness techniques, developing my leadership skills and controlling my mind in times of stress. The Navy Seals are one of the most mentally strong groups of people on the planet. They are pushed during their training to be broken mentally and physically. If you can’t learn mental strength from a Navy Seal, you can’t learn mental strength from anyone!