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Proper Pushup Form

How to do a proper pushup!

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Proper Pushup Form | My Home Vitality

The pushup or pressup

Pushups or press-ups are fantastic for building upper body strength, working a whole host of functional muscles.

When done with proper form you can literally work your whole body from your chest, arms, back and shoulders to your abs, glutes, quads and calves!

All this within a few minutes and without a single piece of equipment!

Proper pushup form

  1. Lying flat on your stomach, place hands on floor shoulder width apart with middle finger facing forwards and shoulders directly over hands.
  2. With a tight core and legs, bend at the elbows keeping them in (next to your body, not splayed out to the sides).
  3. Smoothly lower your whole body to the floor, keeping it straight.
  4. Gently touch your nose to the floor, keeping your head in a neutral position.
  5. Once your nose has gently touched the floor, smoothly push up with your arms and engage your chest muscles until you return to the starting position, all the time keeping your core and legs tight – squeeze!
  6. Breathe in a relaxed, smooth manner throughout.

Easier pushup variations

  • Pushup with hands on a raised platform.
  • Pushup on knees.

Harder pushup variations

  • Pushup with feet on a raised platform.
  • One arm pushup.
  • Super slow pushup, 5 second down, 5 second up (or longer).
  • Jump or clap pushups.

100 pushups a day

Want to impress your friends and complete 100 pushups?

There is a whole website and 6-week training program that helps you move towards that goal, called The Hundred Pushups Training Program.

We recommend that you add variety into your movement and training but if this helps motivate you and gets you moving a little more, then we are all for it!

How to do pushups video

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