Finding Your Path


Not sure what to do with your life?

Need to find your bliss, improve your results, conquer your fears and change your life for the better?

This programme has been specifically designed to give you everything you need to:

  1. Understand who YOU are and what YOU want on a deep intrinsic level.
  2. Understand YOUR current environment and YOUR desired future.
  3. Precisely map actions that will take YOU from YOUR current environment to YOUR desired future.
  4. Deal with inevitable fears, failures and risks that YOU ARE going to experience

The Life You Want, The Family You Want… The Health That You Want, Is Going To Depend On The Path You Follow..

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Product Description

This programme specifically entails deep introspection, environmental awareness, planning, goal setting, assessing risks and preparing for the future.

The techniques shared with you here will provide a much deeper understanding of your true essence, what you value and what you desire.

Then you will plan your lifelong dreams and break them down into actionable plans before

The programme will also ensure you are ready to deal with any icebergs in the form of future fears, failures and risks.

It will not teach you how to become a goal achieving machine, that is covered in Walking Your Path; however, it will ensure your goals are so well defined and so closely aligned with your principles, passion and purpose, that the probability of you achieving them (and being much happier in the process) will increase exponentially.

This programme is perfect for understanding your dream life, constructing a plan, overcoming external obstacles or conquering internal conflicts.

For taking action, setting up systems or forming new habits to achieve your goals, you will need our second programme in this series called Walking Your Path – The ultimate guide to creating lasting change through habits, systems and psychological control.

Would you board the ship of a sailor who had no route prepared, no destination in mind and no plan for potential risks?

Seems like a ridiculous question doesn’t it? So why do it in life?

The truth is, you can’t achieve a successful sail if you don’t have a plan.

Whether you want to arrive at a specific destination or gently sail across blissful seas, you need direction.

Direction is what this programme will give you.

Inside Finding Your Path you will get…

  • A comprehensive understanding of the key components required for a successful life.
  • A full 8-step goal setting programme with associated worksheets and instructions (compatible for Apple and Windows), including lifetime, annual and monthly goal setting sheets, and a daily habit tracker.
  • Exercises and worksheets for deep introspection so you can understand yourself, your personality traits and your current environment, and identify what you really want from life.
  • Exercises and worksheets for defining your fears, potential future threats and obstacles so you can overcome them calmly and effectively – includes action plans for avoiding them and dealing with them if they arise.
  • More than 15 alternative elite goal setting models to suit different personality types – creative, analytical, visual, thoughtful, structured, emotional, experimental, artistic, spiritual, detailed, simple, mathematical, theoretical, etc.
  • More than 40 goal setting tips on self-awareness, aiming high, dreaming big, setting goals, pursuing goals, focusing and prioritising, collected over 37 years of research.
  • References to more than 20 of our favourite resources, most of which are free!
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