We have now live on the airwaves!

After continuing to add articles to our website, videos to our YouTube channel and daily posts to our social media accounts, it’s time for us to add audio to the mix!

My Home Vitality brings you The Black Country Buddhas Podcast.

The Black Country Buddhas Podcast features an assortment of awesome content including documentary videos, highlights from our off-the-cuff discussions, and interviews with the most entertaining and enlightening guests in the health and fitness world including: a vegan heavyweight champion, a World Series winner, a cancer survivor and a veteran martial arts expert, just to name a few.

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Here’s what you should listen to first…


The Buddhas meet vegan British heavyweight K-1 Champion Aundre Groce

After being kicked black and blue, the Black Country Buddhas found some time to sit down with British heavyweight K-1 champion Aundre Groce to discuss his career, being vegan, weight control, training, sleep and fitness tracking.

This is a valuable insight for those of us who simply over-think things!

Testicular cancer symptoms, signs and treatment

The Black Country Buddhas speak with stage II Testicular Cancer Survivor, Justin Birckbichler about his fight with cancer.

Justin’s outlook and humour makes this a useful video for anyone suffering with a personal problem.

Improve your posture and energy with World Series Winning Physician Dr. Alex Vidan

Dr. Vidan’s CV speaks for itself – A professional chiropractor, team physician for the World Series winning St Louis Cardinals baseball team, a regular health and wellness contributor to Fox2News and an international speaker who has shared the stage with renowned figures like Brian Tracy and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Amongst his impressive CV he is also a really nice, down-to-earth family guy too (not in the Peter Griffin sense)!

The laid back, “real-talk” format of this podcast makes it great for those of you who need simple applicable advice for improving your posture and improving your energy (Alex’s lessons from Mr Brian Tracy are good too – 22:27 onwards).

Lessons from over 50 years in martial arts, health and healing – The amazing Barry Westley

Picking the brains of a man that has over 50 years experience in martial arts and energy healing was like spending time with a Sensei master.

Extremely enlightening and full of stories, Barry Westley from Chi Baton Health Arts provided us with some pearls of wisdom; including plenty of tips and tricks to use throughout life.

This is a great podcast for people who like to learn through stories; especially if you are interested in martial arts, mental state, energy control and general wisdom.

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