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Here’s a summary of some of our very first shows, for the latest, click here

Embracing Life with Blind Dave Heeley

“You’ve got four-score-and-ten at this! This ain’t no dress rehearsal! You’ve got one shot!”

An inspirational journey of the first blind man to run 7 marathons, in 7 continents, in 7 days!

As well as completing the 7 marathon ultra-endurance challenge, we also hear about some of Dave’s other escapades including: 10 marathons in 10 days, 6 days in the Sahara, escaping from Alcatraz, cycling Europe and blind carpentry.

Not only is Dave an ultra-endurance phenomenon he is also a very funny and humble guy. There are some key lessons to be learned when listening to him speak about mindset, inspiration, emotion, energy and dealing with losing his eyesight.

Blind Dave Heeley podcast | My Home Vitality

How a sense of place impacts upon your sense of self with Rob Francis

Rob Francis is a poet and author from The Black Country who has a keen interest in articulating the area’s unique characteristics.

We cover all sorts of interesting topics relating to how your environment impacts you as a person; including: technology’s impact on community; ghosts, ghouls and psychic loops; energy; culture and how we connect; psychoanalysis; The Black Country and places to visit; poetry; consciousness; travel, experiences and getting lost!

Rob Francis podcast - A sense of self

Health in professional football with Neil Wainwright

Neil Wainwright is a former professional footballer and current academy coach of Morecambe FC.

In this podcast we discuss:

Dealing with his move to Sunderland, the ego boost and increased wealth.

Mental health in sport, losing your identity, and preparing children (and young footballers) for life.

Exercise plans, injury, and how mental, physical and nutritional preparation for has changed in football.

Your tribe, camaraderie and reconnecting.

Once Upon A Smile – a charity that provides support to bereaved families.

Neil Wainwright - The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

Back pain, nutrition and exercise with Troy Martin

Troy Martin is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who keeps things simple!

Due to an injury to his neck over 20 years ago and a snowboarding accident he’s had back pain for as long as he can remember and has researched the subject ever since.

In this podcast he shares his wisdom on diets (including intermittent fasting and Slimming World), exercise, gym anxiety and how to look after your back.

It’s fascinating to listen to him speak about how little things can make such a difference to your spinal health!

Troy Martin TM Fitness UK

The mysteries of the mind with Dr Howard Rankin

Dr Howard Rankin’s interests and credentials in addiction, behavioural psychology, cognitive neuroscience and general health and wellbeing make this a fantastic podcast for anyone interested in brain health!

Some of the topics discussed include neuroplasticity (programming and reprogramme your mind), thinking differently and the problems with binary thinking, how psychology intertwines with spirituality,  how the brain operates on different frequencies and the benefit of those frequencies, and how closely related to animals we really are!

Dr Rankin even shares a couple of funny stories about the time Princess Diana came to visit!

Dr Howard Rankin on the black country buddhas podcast

Mindset By Dave

Dave Cottrell is turning the personal training industry on its head, focussing on mindset rather than exercise instructions!

Dave coaches individuals and groups to make sure they have the mental capabilities to perform well and achieve their goals.

Really useful podcast for those struggling with binge eating, weight loss, confidence, anxiety, motivation and committing to healthy routines.

Dave Cottrell Podcast

Leadership and survival with James Arthur Ray

From leading a $10m Inc. 500 Company, to spending 2 years in jail and facing $20m worth of debt, James Arthur Ray knows a thing or two about the cost of leadership!

In this podcast with the Black Country Buddhas, James speaks about his climb to the top and his dramatic fall to the bottom, providing invaluable wisdom on entrepreneurship, the cost of leadership and how to deal with tragic events.

For those of you ascending into leadership or are just struggling to cope, James’ story is well worth a listen.

James Arthur Ray Podcast

High performance with Mel Eves

Mel talks with the Buddhas about his time as a professional footballer and how he has progressed into a successful performance master coach, helping people to achieve their maximum potential, whether that be on the field or in business.

Mel made over 200 appearances and scored over 50 goals for Wolverhampton Wanderers. He also won the league cup against the European Champions at the time, Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forrest, as well as being called up for Sir Bobby Robson’s England team.


The Buddhas meet vegan British heavyweight K-1 Champion Aundre Groce

After being kicked black and blue, the Black Country Buddhas found some time to sit down with British heavyweight K-1 champion Aundre Groce to discuss his career, being vegan, weight control, training, sleep and fitness tracking.

This is a valuable insight for those of us who simply over-think things!

Dre Groce Podcast

Testicular cancer symptoms, signs and treatment

The Black Country Buddhas speak with stage II Testicular Cancer Survivor, Justin Birckbichler about his fight with cancer.

Justin’s outlook and humour makes this a useful video for anyone suffering with a personal problem.

Justin Birckbichler podcast

Improve your posture and energy with World Series Winning Physician Dr. Alex Vidan

Dr. Vidan’s CV speaks for itself – A professional chiropractor, team physician for the World Series winning St Louis Cardinals baseball team, a regular health and wellness contributor to Fox2News and an international speaker who has shared the stage with renowned figures like Brian Tracy and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Amongst his impressive CV he is also a really nice, down-to-earth family guy too (not in the Peter Griffin sense)!

The laid back, “real-talk” format of this podcast makes it great for those of you who need simple applicable advice for improving your posture and improving your energy (Alex’s lessons from Mr Brian Tracy are good too – 22:27 onwards).

Dr Alex Vidan podcast

Lessons from over 50 years in martial arts, health and healing – The amazing Barry Westley

Picking the brains of a man that has over 50 years experience in martial arts and energy healing was like spending time with a Sensei master.

Extremely enlightening and full of stories, Barry Westley, from Chi Baton Health Arts, provided us with some pearls of wisdom; including plenty of tips and tricks to use throughout life.

This is a great podcast for people who like to learn through stories; especially if you are interested in martial arts, mental state, energy control and general wisdom.

Barry Westley - Lessons from over 50 years in martial arts, health and healing

Going from hardly being able to swim to completing Ironman triathlons

The Buddha’s speak with Tim and Cheryl Blewitt, a couple who compete together in Ironman Triathlons, consisting of: a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon (26.22-mile or 42.20 km run); raced in that order, without a break!

Tim and Cheryl divulge some very interesting, and relatable, personal stories including how Cheryl went from not being able to swim, to completing in Iroman triathlons and how over-hydrating nearly cost Tim his life.

Social aspects of the sport, training, nutrition, race preparation and recovery are also discussed.

Tim and Cheryl Podcast

Spirituality with “the love man” Keith Higgs

“The love man,” Keith Higgs guides us on our spiritual journey back to love.

A fascinating man, with plenty of stories, this one is not to be missed; especially for those of you looking to relish in your divine quest on this Earth!

Keith Higgs Podcast

How everyone can get stronger with professional strength and conditioning coach Dan Allen

Professional strength and conditioning coach, Dan Allen, provides tips on how everyone can become stronger – children, the elderly, people with sedentary jobs and even elite athletes.

As always, the conversation moves into other interesting health topics such as natural living, foam rolling, yoga, meditation, binaural beats, modern technology, useful mobile apps and much much more!

Dan Allen Podcast

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