Our vision…

Is to improve lives!

It’s as simple as that!

We have started by creating a community for people to find and share the best ideas, stories, information and resources about all aspects of health – mind, body and spirit.

But we’re not going to stop there!

With your help, we really want to leave the world a better place. This may lead us down some interesting paths – developing workshops, events, charities and maybe even schools.

The opportunities for you to contribute are endless – you can feature in (or comment on) any of our articles, videos or podcasts.

We welcome collaboration and would love to hear from you!

Our content…

Is focused around our very own Wheel of Wellbeing:

Like a spinning top – if one side hits the ground, the whole wheel stops – to live a truly healthy life, you must balance your wheel.

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Our values…

(1) Improve lives! (2) Have fun! (3) Learn!

In order to do our best for the MHV community, all suggested products and partners we work with have to pass the “close friends and family test.” We do not recommend anything that we would not recommend to a close friend or family member.

To good health!

The MHV team.