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Provide the most emphatic resource for improving people’s lives.


Build a community full of constructive, valuable and abundant people who want to help each other.


Expand knowledge within our community by sharing simple, no bullsh*t tips, tricks and techniques for life.


Provide a diverse range of perspectives so our community can think outside the box and develop their own beliefs.


Offer support for those who want to improve their lives.


Advise on products and techniques that we know work, we have actually used, and we believe in, without the underlying ulterior motives of greedy corporations.


Find the most practical and functional practices for our members to benefit from so they spend more time on the most important things in their life.


Put simply, we are creating a community that offers the best tips and techniques to help you maintain a longer, healthier, happier life, with less suffering.

If you want to improve, get a better night’s rest, manage stress and sculpt your desired physique without the need for drugs, 10-day luxury retreats or the latest fad diet, you’re in the right place.

We are here to improve your life emphatically and enjoyably.

Our content…

Includes articles, videos, recipes, images, podcasts and words of wisdom.

It’s all focussed around our Wheel of Wellbeing:

Wheel Of Wellbeing

Like a spinning top – if one side falters, the whole wheel becomes unstable – the trick is to balance your wheel.

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Our values…

(1) Improve lives! (2) Learn! (3) Have fun!

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We do not recommend anything that we would not recommend to a close friend or family member.

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To good health!

The MHV team.