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My Big Three For Mental Health

Three techniques that have improved my mental health dramatically

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My Big 3 For Mental Health | Gareth Philpotts | My Home Vitality

Weathering my mental storm

I was inspired to write this article after reading Shaun’s “How I Fight Depression – 3 simple tips for coping with depression naturally,” in which he writes about his three P’s for fighting depression…

  1. Perspective
  2. Progress over perfectionism
  3. Purpose

These three P’s have been unbelievably helpful to me over the past couple of weeks, to get moving, face my fears, and start to thrive.

I have been lost in a mental storm for quite some time and could not see a way out.

I could not gain perspective.

I could not progress.

I felt like I had no purpose.

Until I stumbled across my three precursors to Shaun’s three P’s.

Once I started using these techniques, I started to rise above the storm…

My three precursors, in order of how I do them each morning:

  1. Cold shower with 3 cycles of Wim Hoff breathing
  2. Loving kindness meditation
  3. Testosterone booster supplement

Testosterone boosters

The biggest change for me was when I started to take testosterone boosters.

For quite a long time I dragged myself through days with my mood in the gutter. I had the odd day of sunshine but still no drive to do anything.

Not a good way live for yourself or your family!

I had suspected my testosterone levels were low because the “old boy” downstairs wasn’t standing to attention every morning, if you know what I mean.

This was confirmed when I found a small lump in my chest.

As soon as I found the lump, I got it checked by my GP who said it was probably Gynecomastia, a condition linked to low testosterone.

As soon as the GP told me this, I ordered some testosterone boosters and started taking them.

All I can say is WOW! The change was like day and night!

Over the next few days, my mind became calmer and clearer, my energy levels rose and the “old boy” downstairs started to stand like the Household Cavalry each morning!

Taking the boosters, coupled with the other two precursors, were game changers for my mental and physical health!

Mike Mahler in his book, Live Life Aggressively, says this:

At the end of the day, we are our hormones. If our hormones are optimal, we will wake up feeling great, ready to take on the world. If they are not optimal, we won’t even want to get out of bed to face the day. We will have to force ourselves out, and drink tons of coffee to get going, and keep going. Sound familiar?

Mike is right! I read his book around 8 years ago and I didn’t take his advice, but now that I have, my mind and body have turned around.

Are the drugs helping?

Before I close for the day, I just want to give you a little nugget to think about…

Antidepressant drugs are one of the biggest killers of male testosterone out there! Is it possible that you feel depressed and lethargic due to low testosterone? Has your GP prescribed you with antidepressants to fight these symptoms but inadvertently lowered your T levels even more, throwing you into a downward spiral that is a hard slog to get out of?

This is not a one-size-fits-all cure to all possible mental health problems but these three methods have pulled me out of awful, self-defeating moods and have now pushed me on to thrive.

These three techniques have worked for me and have also allowed me to bolt on Shaun’s three P’s!

It’s a win, win, win!

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