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Meditation For Busy People

How to find time to meditate

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Meditation For Busy People

In the 21st century, we all seem to lead busy lives, with most of us juggling a demanding job, a rewarding social life and of course, families and loved ones at home.

In many cases, we find the idea of feeling busy stimulating; we associate it with working towards our goals and achieving success.

Most of us are guilty of cramming as much as we can into every day and with this, we start to lose touch with our inner selves.

Importance Of Health And Wellbeing

With such demanding lives, it’s important to allow ourselves a little time to focus on our wellbeing.

Taking a few minutes away from the roller coaster of life can give you the space you need to relax and unwind from everyday stresses.

Trying to maintain such a hectic life can lead to unhappiness and ill-health further down the line.

A busy lifestyle will eventually take its toll on your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is an effective way to find a sense of calm within yourself; it can help you to achieve a balance between your busy life and your overall wellbeing.

It has been found that when people take the time to meditate regularly, their stress levels reduce.

Meditation can also aid those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Meditation will help you reach a new level of relaxation, as you tap into deeper levels of serenity and peace.

Learning To Switch Off

The hardest thing for busy people to learn how to do is switch off.

It can be hard to block out the worries and inner voices which are constantly reminding us of everything we need to do.

The first step is to block out the preconceived thoughts you have about meditating; stop worrying about whether or not you are thinking or doing the right things – this is the first step to total relaxation.

Many people find that practicing breathing techniques helps them to find inner calm.

By focusing on one thing, like our breath, we can stop other thoughts creeping in.

Where To Meditate

If you work in a busy office or live with lots of people, it can be hard to find a quiet place to meditate.

But do you need “a place” to meditate?

Lets see what Barry Westley suggested when he met the Black Country Buddhas…

If you are just starting out in meditation then finding a quite place to “just be” is usually a good idea.

And this quiet place could be anywhere…

When at work, try finding a small space at lunchtime where you can sit comfortably and let people know that you do not wish to be disturbed. This is even easier if you have your own office! Loosen any tight workwear and take off your glasses and shoes to help you to unwind.

At home, the bathroom is a great place to find peace; your family will respect your privacy and you will be given some time alone.

When travelling, find a serene spot to sit and relax.

You can meditate anywhere, you just have to be well trained or well equipped at finding quiet places.

Best Times To Meditate

Many people find that meditating in the morning, when the house is quiet, can help them discover a peaceful outlook which carries through to the rest of the day.

If you have trouble sleeping after a demanding day, a few minutes meditation in the evening can help you relax when it’s time for bed.

There are people who choose to meditate at multiple times of the day, to help them find a balance and reduce stress levels.

As Barry mentioned in the video above… It’s even more beneficial if you can train yourself to be mindful all of the time!

If you set a meditation routine, you’ll find that, gradually, you’ll be able to fit it into your busy life. It would be great if we all had an hour to meditate each day but, in many cases, this is not possible, so try to focus on doing what is possible and you will soon feel the benefits.

As Chade-Meng Tan mentions in the book Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss, “I tell my students that all they need to commit to is one mindful breath a day. Just one. Breathe in and breathe out mindfully, and your commitment for the day is fulfilled. Everything else is a bonus.”

Short And Frequent

Try to make use of the many opportunities you are presented with over the course of the day to meditate.

Aim for short meditations as frequently as your life allows; it is not always important to achieve a long period of uninterrupted meditation.

Remember that you do not always have to be sitting down in a quiet place; as you become more confident in your ability to meditate you will learn to practise almost anywhere – as Barry explains in the video above.

Many people choose to meditate in the shower, at the bus stop, on the train and even while queuing. It will get much easier over time and you will soon learn that it is possible to find inner peace and refuge, wherever you are.

Popularity Of Meditation

Many believe that meditation is just as important as any kind of fitness exercise. An increasing number of people have found that meditation can become an essential part of helping to manage a busy life.

Recently, a number of high profile celebrities have emerged as avid meditators, including Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Oprah Winfrey.

Many people are finding meditation to be the best tool to achieve clarity, improved rest, health and increased happiness. After all, the brain is just as essential as any other part of the body – overwork it and it will become weak!

Building Meditation Into Your Life

When you begin to find an inner sense of peace and joy, it will become easier to tap into these feelings during your everyday life.

These new inner resources will help you to cope better with the hectic demands in both your work and home life.

Next time you are entering into a stressful situation at work, either during a meeting or a phone call, remember the other people are all spiritual beings in the same boat as you. Take the time to pause before speaking and find your inner peace.

While we are unable to completely control the demands of our lives, we can learn new ways of responding to stressful situations through the use of meditation. Our life is a gift, which we should appreciate and enjoy. Simple meditation can provide you with the peaceful moments you need during a demanding life.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of meditation and how it can fit into your personal life, please take a look at some of our articles in the “mind and spirit” category. And if you have any suggestions on when, where or how to meditate, add them to the comments below!

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