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Lessons From 2020 | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast 2020 Review (#54)

Our biggest lessons from 2020 and all of our podcast guests

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Lessons Learned In 2020 | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

Be more of a scientist.

Find ways of illuminating blind spots.

Sandwich compassion with candour.

What would be the human way to handle this?

Using SOP’s to control thinking.

What advice would you give your best friend?

“I don’t want to be the first monkey shot into space.”

Use stories to remember.

Use the past, present and future for motivation.

“If I don’t have art in my life, the part that teaches me value, then I have nothing to protect so there is no need for the martial.”

“Sometimes when I sit in the quiet, it amplifies the noise in my mind.”

Why don’t we look at the space?

Shoot where the target is going to be, not where it is.

You can make your spleen contract through breath holds.

Breathing, concentration, visualisation & setting micro goals.

Put the ox in the yoke!

State → Story → Strategy

Build in daily habits around micro-goals. Don’t agonise over the big end result.

Stay strong and stay flexible.

Recover well – nutrition, rest, sleep, and hydration.

Don’t neglect the truth!

The oldest form of self-defence is sprinting.

“You wanna be tougher? Be tougher!”

Cavemen only worked for 4 to 6 hours per day!

“Full price or no!” “Hell yeah or no!” “Will this make me better at jiu-jitsu?”

Make the environment safe to fail.

Things are usually good and bad at the same time.

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Show notes:

  • 02:56 – Everything is conjecture and the swiss army knife of life.
  • 07:53 – Being more of a scientist.
  • 09:30 – Dealing with blind spots and candidness, compassion and humility.
  • 17:57 – Using SOP’s to control thinking.
  • 21:20 – The toilet roll mystery!
  • 23:18 – What advice would you give your best friend?
  • 25:36 – Does Bigfoot exist?
  • 28:02 – The impact of stories and narrative on our lives.
  • 37:49 – The importance of space and silence in life and separating martial from art.
  • 43:27 – The simplicity of breathing and movement.
  • 57:31 – Shaun’s journaling and post-exercise practice.
  • 01:00:38 – Gaz’s opinions on post-exercise meditation.
  • 01:03:55 – An experiment to prove the power of your mind and visualisation.
  • 01:07:10 – How to change your identity.
  • 01:18:19 – How to achieve your goals.
  • 01:23:30 – What we’ve learned about physical training in 2020.
  • 01:33:32 – Simple nutrition advice.
  • 01:38:31 – What works for self-defence.
  • 01:42:17 – Creating space within your day.
  • 01:47:11 – More advice on physical training.
  • 01:47:08 – Gaz’s rant about the health and fitness industry.
  • 01:53:07 – Give more than you receive.
  • 01:54:16 – What makes a good coach and how to learn better.
  • 02:01:09 – Thanking our 2020 guests and wanting to give back.
  • 02:02:14 – Shaun’s lessons from COVID-19 and 2020 in general.
  • 02:03:10 – Gaz’s experiment on thinking differently and finding different perspectives.
  • 02:05:54 – Where to find more and our next guest.

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