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“I Had 6 Months To Live, 4 Years Ago” | Surviving Cancer With Maggie & Brad Jones (#110)

Is what we know about cancer right? An alternative view.

What do you think?

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“I had 6 months to live, 4 years ago” | Surviving Cancer With Dr Maggie & Brad Jones (#110) | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

One month after Maggie’s 40th birthday she was diagnosed with terminal, stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to her eye, liver, four tumors in her brain, and more than a dozen lymph nodes throughout her chest, neck and abdomen. Her prognosis of six to eight months with conventional treatment was optimistic. Her doctors were focused on helping her die comfortably.

One year later she was cancer free.

In that intervening year she devoted herself to studying the metabolic theory of cancer and researching cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies that are only just being published.

What if we are wrong about what causes cancer? The theory that genes are the root cause has never been proven. In fact, research is mounting against it.

CANCEREVOLUTION is a scientific approach to finding effective cancer treatments, not to make money.

To learn more, watch the video trailer below and listen to this podcast. And if you enjoy the show subscribe to our YouTube channel.

More from Maggie & Brad:


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Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

10,000 is 1% of a million. There’s always a chance.

Cancer cells crave sugar. That is the whole basis for PET (positron emission tomography) scans – “the PET scanner rotates around the body and makes a picture of where glucose is being used in the brain. Malignant tumour cells show up brighter in the picture because they are more active and take up more glucose than normal cells do.” – Stanford Health Care

Maggie’s therapy: fasting + keto diet + hyperbaric oxygen therapy + off-label drugs + belief + meditation + yoga + happiness + humour.

All diets work differently for different people. You can get “nutrigenomic tests” that examine relationships between what you eat, gene expression, biomarkers and your risk and response to disease.

Stress, conflicts and unexpected events can impact your blood sugar.

Exogenous ketones are supplements that may help a person enter ketosis while being slightly less strict regarding what they eat.

Food is medicine. It can be completely toxic or completely healing.

The ketogenic diet is used to treat children with epilepsy. It is also used to prevent deep sea divers getting seizures under water – See Dr. Joe Dituri podcast.

The theory that everyone is born with cancer (genetically), is just a theory. It is possible that metabolic derangement causes cells to change to cancerous (rather than being born with them).

There are 8 hallmarks of cancer. If cancer has hallmarks, how can it be random? The eight distinct hallmarks are: sustaining proliferative signaling, evading growth suppressors, resisting cell death, enabling replicative immortality, inducing angiogenesis, activating invasion and metastasis, deregulating cellular energetics and metabolism, and avoiding immune destruction.

Doctors don’t know you as well as you do.

Be skeptical of all information you receive.

You’ve got to die whilst you’re alive to truly live.

Maggie and Brad believe that the placebo effect was a huge part of Maggie’s survival. “There are people in clinical trials for chemotherapy who receive the placebo and lose their hair.” There is a Harvard study that proves that a placebo works, even if the recipient knows it’s a placebo.

Diet alone is unlikely to treat your cancer.

Maggie’s targeted cancer therapy cost over $20,000 per month, fasting costs her $0. Who’s going to invest billions of dollars in clinical trials to prove metabolic theory works, for no return?

You can get up to 300% increased efficiency from chemotherapy or radiation treatments if you fast beforehand. Maggie found huge benefits of fasting 3 days before stereotactic radiosurgery.

Be your own advocate. Do your own research. It’s your life.

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The full podcast:

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Show notes:

  • 00:00:00 – Energy boost.
  • 00:01:08 – Maggie’s cancer scare.
  • 00:06:59 – How Maggie survived terminal cancer.
  • 00:11:20 – Maggie’s diet now.
  • 00:14:13 – How to monitor blood sugar & ketones.
  • 00:15:22 – Supplementing with ketones.
  • 00:17:49 – Maggie’s diet pre-cancer.
  • 00:22:51 – Is cancer genetic?
  • 00:30:30 – Lessons from facing death.
  • 00:38:20 – The placebo effect.
  • 00:42:11 – Things Maggie would have done differently.
  • 00:43:55 – The Cancerevolution movie.
  • 00:48:02 – Thinking about healing.
  • 00:49:22 – Dieing better.
  • 00:50:38 – How cancer stays with you.
  • 00:52:57 – Ketogenic therapy community.
  • 00:54:26 – Big pharma conspiracy!
  • 00:58:19 – The benefits of fasting.
  • 01:01:30 – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • 01:03:30 – Maggie’s & Brad’s bucket list.
  • 01:04:21 – Place to visit & not to visit.
  • 01:06:11 – Gaz’s final thoughts.
  • 01:07:02 – Brad’s final thoughts.
  • 01:07:28 – Maggie’s final thoughts.
  • 01:07:35 – Where to find more.
  • 01:09:03 – Saving mum!
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