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Howard Rankin Ph.D – Psychology, Neuroscience, AI And How Not To Think (#36)

Dr Howard Rankin discusses how not to think

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Dr Howard Rankin – Psychology, Neuroscience, AI And How Not To Think | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast

Introduction to guest:

An expert in cognitive neuroscience, Howard recently published his book I Think Therefore I Am Wrong which looks at the many ways we can sabotage our thinking through cognitive biases, binary thought and false assumptions.

He is also the presenter of the How Not To Think podcast, in which examines how false reasoning manifests itself in many areas of society through myths and ‘conventional wisdom.’

His knowledge of psychology has allowed him to become well established in consulting, speaking and writing about health, wellness, neuroscience.

Contacting Howard:



Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

“I’ve made a good living for myself thinking two or three times a week.”

“All models are wrong, some are useful.”

“Prediction is easy unless it’s about the future.”

Question of the day:

“Can cognitive biases be passed on through your DNA?”

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The full podcast:

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Show notes:

  • 00:30 – I Think Therefore I Am Wrong: A Guide to Bias, Political Correctness, Fake News and the Future of Mankind.
  • 01:51 – Thinking, cognitive bias, obstacles to thinking and how to think well.
  • 05:17 – What makes for good thinking?
  • 08:37 – How rational is trusting your gut?
  • 12:23 – Howard’s advice on making decisions.
  • 14:33 – Can cognitive biases be passed down through your DNA?
  • 15:58 – How childrens’ thoughts are impacted by parents.
  • 17:49 – Political correctness – we act how we are expected to act.
  • 20:40 – Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help us think better?
  • 23:10 – Normalcy bias.
  • 25:10 – Has intelligence changed over time and will it continue to change?
  • 32:01 – Not accepting assumptions in society.
  • 33:31 – Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) go further than probabilities – the complexity of the world.
  • 35:45 – The hindsight bias.
  • 36:36 – The use of psychedelic drugs to expand the mind.
  • 37:45 – Programming the brain to access certain brain states.
  • 40:50 – Howard’s process for researching and writing.
  • 44:51 – Howard’s work with an AI predictive analytics company – predicting COVID-19 deaths and cases.
  • 47:17 – Issues with the reliability of data on COVID-19.
  • 49:13 – Being aware of the quality of information you consume.
  • 54:18 – Where COVID-19 data comes from.
  • 55:24 – Howard’s recommended resources.
  • 56:40 – Lessons from COVID-19.
  • 59:52 – The Martian.
  • 01:00:21 – Wrap up.
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