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How To Do 100 Squats Per Day!

How anyone can do 100 squats per day!

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How To Do 100 Squats Per Day | My Home Vitality

Living Systema

I’ve already accredited Matt Hill in my article Control Your Tension, Control Your Life but I want to make a special reference again here as I have taken this advice from his book Living Systema.

It’s a highly recommended book by the MHV team and I would personally recommend it to anyone looking to become healthier and more agile at any age!

How to do 100 squats per day

Think how many times per day are you required to squat, including sitting!

Depending on your job, and allowing for some additional exercise, the number must be close to 100!

Think about it – getting out of bed, getting breakfast out of a low cupboard, feeding the cat, sitting for breakfast, getting up, sitting on the toilet, sitting in your car, getting out of your car, sitting at your desk, getting up and down for tea and toilet breaks, sitting for lunch, sitting in your car again, sitting for dinner, playing with your children, getting into bed, etc.

Add in a few “exercises” and you’re well on your way to 100 squats per day.

NOTE: You shouldn’t be sat at your desk for more than 20 minutes at a time. If you are: drink more, arrange more walking meetings, go see people more, walk on the phone more and make more drinks! This will add to your squat count!

Don’t use your hands!

If you don’t use your hands to lower yourself down, lift yourself up and control your movements you will significantly improve your core stability and leg strength.

Quite often you don’t need to use them, it’s just habit!

Follow the guidance in our instructional squatting video in order to maintain correct posture whilst not using your hands…

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s not as easy as just squatting to stand up from a dinner table or getting out of your car, you have to move around a little bit.

Before you perform the squat, manoeuvre yourself into a starting position, using your core strength; for example, to the edge of your seat or to the side of your car seat, and then perform a well-executed squat.

Don’t worry if you forget, just sit down and do it again!

Correcting yourself is a great way to learn and establish good habits!

I hope you found this useful and you are well on your way to 100 squats per day. If you need any further advice or have any comments, please use the comments box below!

Happy squatting!


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