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Notes of my most interesting discoveries

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Home Truths - Notes of my most interesting discoveries | My Home Vitality

I read a lot,

I consume a lot,

I think a lot,

but it’s very rare I note down my most interesting discoveries. They get lost in the ether of my mind, never to be recalled again.

Therefore, I have decided to keep a record of all the interesting facts, figures and thoughts I uncover:

  1. Because I find them interesting and I will enjoy revisiting them, and; 
  2. Because I think you will find them interesting and enjoy revisiting them.

I will call them “home truths” and split them into several categories, including:

I will continue to add to these lists so if you fancy a little delve into some interesting facts/perspectives, come back to review the updated versions.

Please feel free to add your own truths and perspectives, using the thought boxes at the bottom of each list. If your truths are supported by facts, link back to a reliable source.

I hope they serve you as much as they serve me.


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