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Healthy Smoothies

10 of the best smoothie recipes to keep you healthy this summer

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Healthy Smoothies

So summertime is upon us and what’s better than a nice cold smoothie, full of those all-important nutrients and vitamins.

This article consists of 10 of our favourite healthy smoothie recipes for you try.

Our homemade smoothies are great for helping you get your 5 a day in liquid form.

They are also ideal for using any of those fruits which may just be starting to turn slightly soft – no need to throw them away, just put them into a blender and turn them into a wonderful, refreshing and nutritious drink.

Scrumptious Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

Our first smoothie is ideal for your post workout fix of protein and carbs.

The strawberries will provide your body with some vital vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Other types of berries can be added to give you the taste you’re after.


Fabulous Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is great as a pre-workout supplement as it’s full of natural sweeteners.

The mix of orange, pineapple and banana has the nutritional punch that will give you that extra burst of energy you may require before your workout session.


The Supercharger Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Have you woken up in a CBA kind of mood?

If so then this is the smoothie for you.

This breakfast smoothie is great for boosting energy and vitality.

It has some important nutrients like vitamin C, beta-carotene, magnesium, and potassium.


 The Summer Berry Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Another great post workout smoothie or great re-energiser after a long day at work.

This smoothie is again packed with all your important vitamins and nutrients and super easy to make.

We know those long summer days can feel like it has drained your last bit of energy so try this smoothie to give you that Jocko Willink “Get Some” attitude.


Tasty Tropical Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Feeling slightly down? tired from an intense day at work? Has the gym taken its toll?

If so, this is the smoothie for you!

It’s got all the key ingredients for boosting your immune system and reviving your glycogen stores.


Badass Banana And Almond Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

This tasty smoothie is perfect for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack as it has great balance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

It also has your all-important vitamins and other nutrients.

You could also turn this smoothie into an epic high protein smoothie by adding some whey protein into the mix.


Energy Boosting Blueberry And Peach Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Another great fruit smoothie recipe for boosting your energy after a tough and tiring day.

We all know how good blueberries are for giving you that extra boost in antioxidants.

The added yoghurt will give you some all-important protein to go with the multitude of vitamin’s.


Refreshing Apple, Pear And Orange Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

The perfect smoothie after a long hard training session or run.

This smoothie will refresh and replenish those fluids lost from sweating and will also help to refuel your body so you carry on your day feeling energised.


Seriously Tasty Strawberry And Mango Smoothie

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie is extremely simple to make but yet so refreshing and tasty.

It will provide your body with some key nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium.

The added zest of lime gives it that little tangy kick to finish off a seriously tasty liquid meal.


Bursting Apple And Berry Smoothie

Summer Fruit Smoothie

Need a quick boost of energy and some more fresh fruit to add to your five per day?

This is the smoothie for you!

A great mix of berries, tangy apple and pineapple creates a tasty refreshing smoothie.

Optional ginger and/or kale can also add extra nutritional value to this smoothie.

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Fresh Fruit Smoothie

The Supercharger Smoothie


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