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Healthy Home Cooked Meals

Eat healthy at home!

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Healthy Meals

Yes it’s nice to go out for dinner now and then but cooking at home creates a different kind of feeling.

There is a certain nostalgia that always stays with you when you reminisce on your mom’s/dad’s/grandmother’s/grandfather’s/aunt’s/uncle’s specialty dish.

You know, the one that makes your mouth water just by thinking of it.

With this in mind, we have listed below some delicious, healthy, home-cooked recipes that you and your family can enjoy together. Hearty meals that the children will reminisce over in years to come!

Similarly to our #FFF Challenge, cooking healthy family meals helps you to form stronger bonds, save money, experience new tastes and improve your culinary skills!

So let’s get cooking…

Homely Starters

Starters should be simple and tasty but not ruin the main course.

With a nice homely starter, we want something easy to prepare, not too filling but still highly nutritious.

Vegetable Soup And Brie

Here is a very simple recipe full of nutritious items. Also ideal if your looking to use up left-over vegetables. Don’t be scared to use your imagination and add other healthy ingredients that you have lying around.

Baked Mushroom With Salmon

Need a starter that’s quick and easy to prepare but still super tasty? Baked mushrooms are for you! This starter will only take a couple of minutes to prepare and no longer than 15 minutes to cook. A lovely mixture of flavours but also a very healthy recipe.


Homely Main Courses

Continuing with the home cooked meals theme we have decided to go with a couple of hot, tasty mains.

There are endless meals out there suited for a homely main course but not all contain the nutrients required to achieve a healthy balanced diet.

The two example recipes we have included are very good dinner ideas that can get all the family involved (not only eating but also cooking).

For more healthy mains check out the recipes section of our website.

Butternut Squash And Potato Curry

There’s no meal more warming than a home cooked curry. This curry is packed with flavour due to the amount of different vegetables and spices included in it. It’s also an ideal vegetarian choice.

Healthy Fish Pie

Is a home cooked pie more your sort of thing? Then take a look at our creamy fish pie. It has 3 different types of sea food in it, providing your daily does of Omega 3 and it and goes superbly well with almost all your healthy greens.


Homely Desserts

There are so many desserts out there that tick that “homely” box, it will be difficult to find one that you can call your own.

Add you’re own signature dessert to the list that has been passed down through generations, but make yours healthy!

Here are a couple of ideas that will tick all boxes – sweet, healthy and homely…

Spiced Backed Apples With Sultanas

Delicious dessert with plenty of opportunities to create your own filling to give it that unique taste. Try to keep the filling as healthy as possible (i.e dried fruits and nuts). This dessert can also be served with low fat Greek yogurt.

Pear And Fruits Of The Forest Pudding

Everyone loves a crumble, and his recipe has all the textures and flavours you need without packing in extra sugar. Evading those endless calories makes it a perfect replacement for some of the other crumble recipes you are no-doubt used to eating.


Please try these recipes and let us know what you think by using the comments box below.

If you have any alternative suggestions or variations on the recipes given above, please get in contact, we would love to hear them!

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Healthy Fish Pie

Healthy Fish Pie

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