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Healthy Christmas Recipes

Healthy Christmas recipes for the family to enjoy

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Healthy Christmas snacks

Christmas Recipes

The festive period will soon be upon us and trying to eat healthily over the next month or so can feel near impossible.

There is so much temptation over Christmas to shovel down those saturated fats and sugars whilst celebrating with family and friends.

Fortunately, we have put together some Christmas dishes which can be easily prepared, but more importantly give you the nutrition required for a healthy and balanced diet.

Christmas Starters

The starter should be a meal relatively quick and easy to prepare. You also don’t want to be eating any foods that will bloat you before your main. The key to these healthy recipes is to keep them simple, use fresh products where possible and keep the portion sizes small.

Roasted red pepper and carrot soup

Soups are always a favourite for a starter as they are very easy to make and generally healthy. This soup is no different. It’s the perfect healthy appetiser which requires very little ingredients or preparation but is big on taste and nutrition.

Healthier prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktails are a Christmas favourite and as a starter they don’t get much easier to prepare than this. They can also be made in very little time which can be a major plus over the busy festive period. The key to this recipe is to use fresh, natural products where possible giving you all the healthy nutrients you’re looking for.


Christmas Mains

Christmas mains will obviously take quite a lot longer than your starters to prepare and cook. Hopefully choosing one of the above starters will give you that extra time to concentrate on your main. Generally, the main meal is built up of a large piece of meat (or vegetarian alternative), then a variety of smaller dishes to compliment it. Again, the key to these dishes is to use fresh, organic products as much as possible.

Roast turkey and couscous stuffing

Roast turkey is a Christmas favourite and, more importantly, is an extremely healthy cut of meat. It’s very high in protein but also low in calories and saturated fats. Not only does it go great with a variety of side dishes, it also has essential nutrients that are good for the whole family.

Nut roast

Maybe you’re a vegetarian or simply not a fan of turkey. If so, a delicious nut roast could be the other option for your main dish. This nut roast is a tasty alternative to roast turkey and also still fits in with a main aim of creating a Christmas dinner which is healthy and nutritious.

Roast fresh vegetables

This side dish includes pretty much any seasonal vegetables and is quick and easy to prepare. Make sure you use fresh, organic vegetables to provide that extra taste and nutrition.

Vegan gravy

It’s not a true Christmas dinner without the Gravy. This red wine gravy will add to all the other flavours you have going on. It’s very easy to make and will go well with a variety of dishes.


Christmas Desserts

Once the starters and mains have gone down, it’s now time for your little treat. When the word dessert comes into our minds, we think sweet, tasty and delicious dishes. Many think that with sweetness comes a high amount of calories, saturated fats and sugars. It may come to your surprise but there are some desserts that can still be tasty and full of goodness without large amounts of calories, saturated fats and sugars.

Healthy Christmas pudding

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding on the table. You will see by changing a few key ingredients, you can still prepare and cook that lovely famous Christmas pudding without having that guilty feeling after it.

Sweet potato cake

Not a Christmas Pudding fan? Then don’t worry, why not try this lovely sweet potato cake. It’s easy to prepare, tasty and full of key nutrients and vitamins.


Enjoy Your Healthy Christmas Meal!

As you can see it is possible to cook nutritious food over the festive period for you and the family. Trying some of the above Christmas food ideas will not only provide you with nutrients for a healthy diet but will also give your the option to try something different this Christmas.

So give your New Year a kick start and enjoy a healthy Christmas dinner this festive season.

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