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Grant Renier – Artificial Intelligence, Technological Evolution & Predicting The Future (#59)

What is the future going to look like?

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Grant Renier - Artificial Intelligence, Technological Evolution & Predicting The Future | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Grant Renier is the founder and chairman of Intuality AI, a company that uses Intuitive General Intelligence to predict near and future events, whilst taking into account the fundamentals of human behaviour.

In this one, we talk about how predictive technology can be used to help stock pickers, sports gamblers and how it’s going to be extremely important for medical diagnosis in the future.

We get the system’s predictions for Coronavirus in 2021 and discuss how AI is going to change the world, including topics like the job market, having relationships with electronic devices and the future of our planet.

This one is a fascinating conversation and, if you’re interested in peering into the future, you will enjoy listening.

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Contacting Grant:

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

Human decision making influences our reality – good, bad or indifferent – so to be able to predict the future we need to understand how human decisions are made.

Predicting the future is not just about statistics, it’s understanding what people will do with those statistics and how they will behave as a result. People’s behaviour forms the future.

“Success,” in this context, doesn’t mean 100% right, it means better than everything else available.

There is a new revolution upon us. First it was the industrial revolution, where machines helped us with physical tasks, now it’s the intellectual revolution, where machines help us with cognitive tasks.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

“The population is going to level out at around 11 billion.”

“The birth rate around the world is less than 2:1.”

All decisions are made intuitively! No matter how much study you do, how much analysis you do, it all comes down to intuition.

“Decision making is a series of failures.”

Don’t become a slave to history!

Question of the day:

“What key skills should people be learning to thrive in the future?”

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The full podcast:

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Show notes:

02:23 – North Carolina terrain.

03:01 – Has Grant seen bigfoot tracks?

04:07 – What Intuality AI does & what Intuitive General Intelligence is.

05:50 – Predicting the performance of stocks and shares.

08:24 – How Intuality AI’s system works for buying and selling shares and sports betting.

11:37 – How well is Intuality AI’s system performing?

13:51 – Intuality AI’s return on investment from NFL football betting.

14:27 – Where does Intuality AI’s system get the data from and how does it make its decisions?

18:11 – How far can general intelligence go and can it replace the human brain?

21:38 – Will technology split society?

24:42 – How regulated is the AI industry now and how regulated should it be?

28:20 – Will we need to plug ourselves into Artificial Intelligence?

30:31 – How and where does Intuality AI’s system live and communicate?

32:14 – How accessible and affordable is Intuality AI’s system for sports betting and stock picking?

33:46 – How close is AI (in general) to becoming mainstream?

36:28 – How will AI (in general) influence the job market and skills needed in the future?

40:55 – Technology’s impact on relationships and the dating process.

49:32 – What key skills should people be learning in order to thrive in the future?

57:52 – Do we have a population crisis and are there enough resources on earth for us to cope?

01:03:03 – Intuality AI’s latest predictions.

01:06:34 – The benefit of using predictive AI for medical diagnosis.

01:08:58 – Where AI gets biofeedback for medical diagnosis.

01:11:53 – Cool apps and current technology.

01:14:33 – How AI will help fix IT issues and accessing our own personal data in the future.

01:21:24 – Will we be able to download skills directly into our brain in the future?

01:24:51 – Grant’s recommended books and resources.

01:29:05 – Grant’s life lessons.

01:31:46 – Biases and heuristics included in Intuality AI’s system.

01:36:00 – How nice is the lobster in Maine.

01:37:04 – Where you can contact Grant and Intuality AI.

01:38:05 – Where to find more information.

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