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Gifts For Exercise And Fitness

A list of gifts that can help improve exercise routines

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Fitness gifts

Don’t know what to get your friends and family for Christmas this year?

Better yet, want to spoil yourself?

Why not focus on purchasing a gift that will actually improve the fitness of those closest to you?

Below is a list of fitness presents that will go a long way to developing the health and fitness of your friends and family (and yourself if you are being indulgent)…

Fitness trackers

Health trackers of various types have become extremely popular in today’s mainstream society, and rightly so!

They are useful pieces of equipment that not only give you information about your total fitness; they keep you motivated just by being present!

If your watch, phone or any other piece of jewellery/clothing instructs you to exercise, the chances are you’re going to get moving!

The key to purchasing a health tracker is that you know exactly what you want before you purchase it but, just like buying a house, you may have to make some compromises.

Key things to think about are:

  • Design – Look? Feel? Touch screen? Materials?

  • Durability – Waterproof? Shockproof? Hard-wearing?

  • Price – Up-front cost? Monthly cost?

  • Tracking capabilities – Steps? Sleep? Calories? Heart rate? Blood pressure? GPS?

  • How much data storage and volume does it have?

  • Battery life and charging – How long does it last? How do you charge it?

  • Is the mobile app as important as the device?

Here are some fitness trackers that will appeal to different users; including, wristbands (of differing prices but good value for money), watches (of differing designs and prices but good value for money and even a set of smart scales…

[amazon_link asins='B06X9LX63S,B07BQ8C8VW,B071FCZPTS,B0759J4SJD,B06XJKTCQ1,B0716S22WB' template='ProductCarousel' store='uk-1' marketplace='UK' link_id='5c05ee11-633c-11e8-9491-c946411ab102']

Sport and fitness specific gifts

Some of these exercise products will be more specific to certain activities.

We thought they were worth a mention due to their interesting nature and state of the art technology…

Cliiiimb Pro provides real-time data including heart rate, speed/cadence, power, and pace.

You can also set routes before your journey and Cliiiimb will give you real-time feedback against your previous personal best, or someone who has already completed the pursuit (through the mobile app – linked to Strava).

Feedback/data can be audio and visual, breaking up the route into segments and coaching you to the finish line.

You will know instantly if you need to push harder to conquer a new personal best!

Do you know someone who is into combat sports?

Take a look at Hykso’s punch tracking sensors to help develop speed, power and endurance.

These trackers monitor your punch count, punch speed and intensity.

They are also sweat proof so there are no excuses for light work!

These socks are seriously smart!

Their inbuilt sensors paired with a Bluetooth-ready detachable anklet provide you with extraordinarily accurate data regarding step count, speed, calories burned, altitude climbed, distance covered, cadence and foot landing techniques; helping you to keep fit and identify poor running styles (heel striking, ball striking, etc).

You also get the opportunity to link the socks to a mobile app that coaches your through running sessions, using real-time audio cues and also helps to push towards goals, improve your performance and reduce the risk of falling back into bad habits.

Crash alerts, smart sensors, changing flashing patterns, changing brightness, smartphone integration, GPS, this light has it all!

If you know a keen bike rider, take a look at this product to see if they would benefit from the extremely clever technology.

Tell us your thoughts

So there are a few ideas that will please your fitness enthused friends and also give those couch potatoes a much needed kick up the a*#e!

We would love to hear about any fitness products that you have been impressed with so we can put them through the “friends and family test.”

Please share your experiences in our comments box below.

As a community, we have the power to exchange information about the best products on the market – Something which we can all benefit from!

Give, and thou shalt receive!

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