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Geoff Thompson – Fear, Depression, Forgiveness, Self-Defence, Self-Transformation And Creating Limitless Energy (#39)

The Black Country Buddhas Podcast with Geoff Thompson

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Geoff Thompson - Fear, Forgiveness, Self-Defence, Depression, Self-Transformation And Creating Limitless Energy | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Geoff Thompson is a BAFTA winning writer, filmmaker, teacher, former bouncer and world ranking martial arts guru.

He has written over forty books on self-help, self-defence and martial arts, and has written many screenplays for short and feature films (you can find a list of his creations on Wikipedia).

He has appeared three times on the Sunday Times Bestsellers List, which included his first book, Watch My Back, detailing his decade of experiences as a doorman in Coventry. In 2008 it was adapted into a screenplay by Geoff and filmed as the major motion picture, Clubbed.

He began his martial arts training in the Eastern arts including karate, aikido and kung-fu. However, during his time as a nightclub doorman, he found that what he had learned was inadequate for the reality of violence and leaned into more practical techniques, eventually becoming the first known instructor to name and extensively teach “the fence,” which later led him to teaching Chuck Norris, in Las Vegas, where Chuck would share stories with Geoff about Bruce Lee.

For us, Geoff is an expert in transformation. He has transformed from factory worker to martial artist, bouncer, writer, teacher and filmmaker, and is so graceful in sharing his wisdom, most notably through his new book, The Divine CEO, a no-nonsense, pragmatic book about the hierarchy of spiritual ascent.

He offers a masterclass on how to build a powerful internal hierarchy, through mastery of the mind, body and senses.

It is the essence of Geoff’s fifty year apprenticeship in practical spirituality, and high end Budo martial arts.

For anyone looking to break their negative associations with the world and achieve their Greatest Potential, this podcast will be perfect for you.

Contacting Geoff:

Instagram: @geoff_thompson_official

Key takeaways and quotes from the show:

Out of darkness cometh light.

“If I found they were congruent, and they had something to teach me, I would learn from anybody.”

Protect your inner world from external forces.

Everything I do now, I try to learn in the real world. The writing about it, or talking about it, enables me to reap the last 10% of information from that experience, that I perhaps didn’t know from the experience itself. It helps me come to a conclusive thesis.

“Don’t listen to fear. If you listen to fear you will contract and shrink. If you keep leaning into fear, you will expand and continue to expand.”

All this stuff we crave, all the accolades, the money, the fame, the notoriety, it’s all tat. It’s just about love. And the force is so powerful that it’s painful.

“Real self-defence comes down to recognising that all the stuff you are afraid of in the world is a projection of what’s in you.”

“Wherever there is a house ghost, there is a treasure.”

“The ego doesn’t want to see truth.”

There’s never a que at the squat rack! – “Wherever there’s most resistance, that’s where the most reward is.”


Question of the day:

“Was it just writing that you used as therapy or did you have any outside help?”

Top questions from listeners:

Hi Geoff – you became a bouncer to overcome your fear of physical violence. Would you recommend this for other people? What about those in their middle age who have this fear?

What advice would Geoff give for those currently practicing martial arts? Does he still endorse hard realistic physical training for self protection or practicing from an art perspective?

Geoff is there anything you can recommend getting over depleted energy from suffering with coronavirus?

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular book that you read again? If so, what is it?

Can you recommend a good meditation technique?

How do you think people can better understand religion?

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The full podcast:

Related episode:

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Show notes:

  • 0:22 – Geoff’s latest book releases – The Divine CEO and Notes From A Factory Floor.
  • 01:16 – Geoff’s life story, a timeline of his transformation, fear, depression, certainty and his confessions.
  • 27:36 – The Divine CEO, Geoff’s past abuse, violence, forgiveness, converting energy, pure truth and internal wellbeing.
  • 42:31 – Geoff’s therapy outside of writing.
  • 53:21 – What a normal day looks like for Geoff.
  • 57:03 – Lessons from loving and losing alcoholic siblings.
  • 01:03:00 – Geoff’s diet and eating habits.
  • 01:05:27 – Geoff’s current advice on self-defence training.
  • 01:08:15 – Geoff’s book recommendations.
  • 01:10:51 – Dealing with depleted energy.
  • 01:13:32 – How to deal with your fears.
  • 01:16:01 – Geoff’s coffee shop routine.
  • 01:16:35 – Geoff’s recommended meditation technique and the importance of breathwork.
  • 01:18:55 – Geoff’s thoughts on religion and creating limitless energy.
  • 01:23:19 – Where to find Geoff now.
  • 01:24:03 – Geoff’s exercise for you today!
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