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Dr. Dawson Church – The Science Behind Happiness, Health And Flow (#73)

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Dr. Dawson Church - The Science Behind Happiness, Health And Flow (#73) | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books:

  1. The Genie in Your Genes – which is about how emotions drive gene expression.
  2. Mind to Matter – Which is about how the brain creates much of what we think of as “objective reality.”
  3. Bliss Brain – Which is about how peak mental states rapidly remodel the brain for happiness.

Dawson’s passions include healing, science, mysticism, family, community and friends.

Just some of the topics we discuss in today’s show include:

  • What happiness is.
  • Specific techniques that you can use to make yourself a happier, healthier and higher performing human.
  • How teams can enter into a combined state of flow to improve their performance.

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More from Dawson:


EFT Tapping Website:

Ecomeditation Website: 


Mind To Matter

Bliss Brain

The Genie in Your Genes

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

Gamma is the brainwave of happiness and creativity.

Cultivating flow state in the morning shapes brain activity for 48 hours afterwards. Meditate every day!

Brain states from sleeping to waking: Delta → Theta → Alpha → Beta. “Delta/Theta is superlearning, it’s trance, it’s hypnosis. Essentially you’re hypnotising yourself in that state and that’s when meditation is most powerful.”

“Never do affirmations or goal setting from your local mind.”

Try to slip into an Alpha state every 90 minutes to 2 hours, in line with your ultradian rhythm. Take a break between tasks!

Happiness is not just a state, it’s also a trait.

Anandamide is the bliss molecule.

“It’s hard to be optimistic if your attention is captured by the negative stuff around you.”

“Optimists live, on average, 10 years longer than pessimists.”

Let go of your local mind’s conditioning.

Go into ecomeditation with a question to “download” answers.

“The difference between a gold medal and a bronze is 1/1000th of a second. You don’t get there by muscular strength, you only get there by mental gain.”

“If you are confronted by any problem in your life, of performance, weight, muscular strength, etc.  just look at the science. What does it tell you?”

On ethics – “If you had a video camera in the corner of your room, would you be okay with what you’re doing?”

Question of the day:

“Is there a difference between meditation and napping?”

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Show notes:

  • 00:00 – Coming up.
  • 00:15 – Overall show introduction.
  • 00:53 – Finding your purpose, happiness and success in life –
  • 02:17 – Introduction to today’s show.
  • 03:33 – Dawson’s high!
  • 04:15 – Dawson’s techniques for becoming a healthier, happier and higher performing human.
  • 10:00 – Gaz’s experience of heart coherence meditation.
  • 11:22 – When should you do ecomeditation?
  • 13:44 – What is the best time of the day to do affirmations?
  • 17:25 – Is there a difference between meditation and napping?
  • 19:44 – EFT Tapping and a more detailed look into Dawson’s morning routine.
  • 21:44 – Merging with your nonlocal mind.
  • 23:07 – Where to find EFT Tapping meridians.
  • 25:48 – What is happiness?
  • 30:50 – How important is optimism and hope?
  • 36:05 – Dawson’s view on the Law of Attraction.
  • 40:46 – What is group flow and how can teams get into a flow state together?
  • 44:39 – How Dawson teaches people who aren’t convinced by his techniques.
  • 46:38 – Principles and life lessons Dawson lives by.
  • 45:02 – What resources does Dawson often gift, recommend and refer back to?
  • 51:40 – Open up the spacesuit!
  • 52:10 – Where to find more from Dawson.
  • 53:31 – Where to find more, next week’s guest and
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