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Does Your Bin Smell?

A brand new way of assessing your diet!

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Does Your Bin Smell? | My Home Vitality

My new fad diet!

Here’s a new diet for you – THE SMELLY BIN DIET!

It’s not great if you have guests but if your bin stinks after a day or two there’s a good chance you are actually eating “real food!”

Foods that waste naturally.

Foods from the ground, plants and animals.

Not foods that persevere through endless years in the dark, solemn depths of your food cupboard.

I heard somewhere that white (or polished) rice, stored in oxygen-free containers, in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, will last for 30 years!

Most concrete structures don’t last that long around here!

Fact of the day – white rice’s deemed healthier cousin, brown rice, lasts around 6 months because the natural oils and essential fatty acids found in its bran layer decay. the nutrient-rich bran layer is removed from white rice!

The smelly bin diet!

I’m not much for diets – I’m more of a fan of eating naturally and I think you can get a real good understanding of how natural your diet is by looking and smelling inside your bin!

Is your bin a homemade worm paradise containing fruit peel, vegetables ends and bones or is it a dumping ground for unrecyclable packaging, plastic containers, tin cans and leftover pieces of toast that resemble ninja throwing stars?

There will be the odd egg box, milk carton and water bottle that doesn’t smell but they don’t count as they go in the recycling anyway! 😉

Second fact of the day – ninja throwing stars are actually called “shaken” or “kurumaken” which translates to “wheel shuriken” (shuriken being a “hidden hand blade”).

I digress…

Make your bin smell!

My bin is very rarely full, and it always stinks which weirdly makes me happy!

Does your bin make you happy?

Forget the juice cleanse, lemon detox and grapefruit diets – just make your bin stink!

If it already does – well done! You’re probably eating real food!

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