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Do As The Child Did!

Follow your guiding light!

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Child escaping out of the window

Do as the child did!

A while ago I wrote an article about Batman and how he used the darkness to propel him forward.

A phrase from that article has been resonating in my head for weeks…


I’ve been having visions of my first memory as a child, suddenly becoming conscious of my surroundings and walking across the front room, trying to escape from a window!

Fortunately (depending on who you ask) I was stopped by my mother.

I thought these were just random flashbacks, until recently, having been guided down a spiritual path.

My spiritual journey

It started a few weeks ago after I was gifted a book token by a friend.

I immediately went searching the isles for a good title when I came across a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer – I Can See Clearly Now.

At first, I picked it up, had a little look and put it back down – “nahhhh… a bit woo-woo” I thought; but later, I felt a subtle urge to buy it.

As I read the book I started to feel more at ease and confident with myself. My feeling of overwhelm subsided and my emotions reset – I felt calm again.

Having been calmed by Wayne, I moved on to his audio book called Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

This is an audio version of Wayne reading verses from the Tao Te Ching, relating them specifically to his life and making them relevant – he lived, breathed, and meditated on these verses.

Whilst I was lying down, in an almost coma like state, I listened to Wayne’s voice.

I can’t recall the actual words he used but I can remember waking up with a message to stop overconsuming information.

Wayne believes that we already have a silent “knowing” within us that we should be guided by.

I continued to listen as he suggested “living like a child.”

He explained that, as a child, we have a natural “knowing” that gets pushed aside when our environment, family, friends and tutors teach us to conform – they Edge God Out (EGO)!

BANG!!!! That was my light-bulb moment! – “DO AS THE CHILD DID!”

This immediate trigger took me back to escaping through that window!

Knowledge is not wisdom!

I have spent years gaining knowledge, from a mass of sources, trying to learn how to live a better life and in many cases failing.

But now I understand.

Knowledge is not wisdom.

I have always had inner-wisdom that has been covered by my ego and a constant outward search for information.

No more searching! It’s in me! A knowing, a guiding light, an inner compass that directs me through life’s wonderful journey.

Realising my soul!

Although I was very young at the time, I can still remember what I thought and felt when I tried to escape out of that window.

At first, I thought, where am I? I don’t know this place, or theses people. Then I felt the need to escape, out of the window into the breeze.

I’m not saying I was trying to escape from my mother or father; far from it, I am blessed to have them in my life, but I believe that this was my first moment of human consciousness – witnessing my soul/spirit being cast into my human body.

I believe that my soul was unaware of where it was and wanted to get back to where it came from, until my mother came to comfort me.

I then realised where I was supposed to be, with this mother and father, in this life and this body.

I now have the confidence to deal with any situation. I just settle, listen and let life unfold in its own way. I let the chopper fly away, I become mentally soft and I do as the child did; always listening to that gentle, compassionate inner voice.

Shut out all the negative externals, even if they are trying to help you.

Be guided internally – do what feels right and trust your gut, your heart, your inner voice.

I will leave you with this quote from Lao-Tzu. You can find it in the opening line of verse 37 from the Tao Te Ching. It may not mean anything to you immediately, but think about it, meditate on it, and maybe you can learn to trust in nature…

The Tao Does Nothing, But Leaves Nothing Undone

See you soon, relax and let things be, Gareth.

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