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Dealing With Anxiety And Exhaustion In Crowds

Exhaustion and anxiety may not be all bad

What do you think?

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Dealing With Anxiety And Exhaustion In Crowds! | My Home Vitality

Ever feel drained when you’re engulfed in a whirlpool of people?

Yes, me too!

Ever feel deficient because of it?

Yes, me too!

But maybe it’s not a bad thing!

Maybe it’s because you are built for survival, a highly vigilant watcher, defender or guardian.

Or maybe you’re an empath – someone who is especially sensitive to the emotional energies of others.

Being an empath is a risky business! You can be so attuned to the energy of others that you find yourself:

  • Constantly exhausted!
  • Part of codependent relationships!
  • Solving others’ problems ahead of your own!
  • Burning out from too much caring!

But whether you’re a survivor, watcher, defender, guardian or empath, do not feel guilty about it! They are all good traits that lend themselves to being a good human!

Just find some time each day to relax and recharge so you can operate at your best for longer!

It’s a little known fact that we are actually hardwired to sleep biphasically (having two phases) rather than monophasically (a single phase).

So feeling tired during the day is actually part of being human and, although it may not abide to our cultural rules, it is something we cannot avoid!

It is normal to feel tired in high sensory situations so don’t feel bad about it or try to fight it, just manage it!

Take some time out, rest, nap, meditate and breathe!

Be human!

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