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David Toney – Ju-Jitsu, Self-Defence And The Magic Of Breathwork (#38)

How breathing can change your life

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David Toney - JuJitsu, Self-Defence And The Magic Of Breathwork | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

David Toney has been involved in martial arts and fitness for almost 40 years.

He leads a large group of coaches in Ireland via the World Ju-Jitsu Federation and has 90 clubs and over 4,000 students to oversee.

He is responsible for all matters relating to coaching and development for all members.

He holds the rank of 8th dan in Traditional Ju-Jitsu and travels internationally taking seminars as far afield as Russia, Israel, Canada and Cuba.

David also manages a full-time martial arts centre in Ballymena, Ireland and still finds time to volunteer as a coach.

He is also a qualified Oxygen Advantage & Buteyko Breathing Breathwork instructor, coaching breathing methods specifically for stress management, focus and athletic performance.

He has trained with giants in their field like Soke Robert Clark, Giacomo Spartico Bertoletti, Steve Maxwell and Patrick McKeown.

“These proven techniques and systems have supported my transformation in my own personal life, athletic career, and business as well as those of my coaching clients. I teach that breath is the most important asset we have, and most do not understand its use. I teach that weakness and muscular stiffness in not a necessary part of aging and I give my students the keys to good physical and emotional health.” – David Toney

Contacting David:

Email & Website: David Toney

Facebook: David Toney

Instagram: @david.toney.351

YouTube: David Toney

Discounts on David’s courses:

Use the code MyHomeVitality for 10% off David’s online courses:

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

“It’s not the external stressors [that are the problem], it’s your perception of the external stressor and how you cope with it.”

“Breathing through your nose has unbelievable benefits for health, sexual health, energy levels and for mental health.”

“There are so many layers [to healthy breathing]: health, immune system, better sleep, better oxygenation [of] your brain, so you’re thinking better and you don’t have cloudiness in your brain, less anxiety, better relationships, it just builds and builds and builds.”

“When you’re in fight or flight, it’s survival and when you’re in survival, you’re not building relationships. But when you’re in rest and digest, it opens you up to relationships.”

“We’re all coaching each other.”

“Everybody knows how to lose weight, it’s not a mechanical issue, it’s a mental issue.”

Questions of the day:

“How can breathwork help when we are under pressure?”

“What sort of breathing methods would you recommend and what do you use personally?”

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Show notes:

  • 0:40 – David’s role in World Ju Jitsu Federation (Ireland) (WJJF).
  • 02:45 – What makes a good coach and tips for up-and-coming coaches.
  • 09:00 – Cultural differences in coaching around the world (including David’s travel stories).
  • 19:25 – Traditional Ju Jitsu and its place on the sport/recreation/self-protection scale.
  • 23:05 – Cooper’s colour code, self-defence and situational awareness.
  • 28:12 – Stress as a perception and the reality behind “keeping busy.”
  • 29:47 – Not feeling guilty about doing nothing.
  • 30:50 – Breathing methods for improved health and dealing with pressure and anxiety.
  • 35:44 – Breathing methods for blood flow.
  • 37:24 – Nitric oxide being studied as a treatment for Coronavirus and how to increase nitric oxide in your system.
  • 39:03 – The use of binaural beats for slow breathing and how slow breathing can create calmness and reduce panic attacks.
  • 40:36 – How breathwork has reduced David’s sleeping time by two hours.
  • 42:33 – Finding the best breathing practices for you.
  • 46:32 – Splenic contractions to increase red blood cell count.
  • 51:38 – Why you get jelly legs.
  • 52:27 – Would splenic contractions help someone who needs a bone marrow transplant or has a declining blood count?
  • 53:32 – A holistic approach to coaching and how diet affects breathing.
  • 54:40 – Mental health issues and stress being the number one reason for death.
  • 55:15 – The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • 55:44 – Three simple breathing techniques for relaxation, energy and normal life.
  • 01:03:50 – Everything’s a drug and how social media is the current drug of choice.
  • 01:06:42 – Nervous asthma and how breathwork can reduce vulnerability to colds and flus.
  • 01:09:54 – Reducing snoring and healthy breathing during sleep.
  • 01:11:43 – How breathing practices have improved David’s personality.
  • 01:13:23 – The benefits of healthy breathing.
  • 01:13:48 – How breathing can potentially help prevent Coronavirus.
  • 01:15:45 – The basics of breathing – “LSD.”
  • 01:15:55 – A deep breath is not a big breath!
  • 01:17:01 – How your breathing habits can impact your mental health.
  • 01:20:46 – What a usual day looks like for David.
  • 01:27:27 – Being the guy that opens the door for everyone else.
  • 01:32:27 – David’s recommended resources.
  • 01:36:07 – Where you can find David, discount code for breathing courses and wrap up.
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