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David Ditchfield – His Near-Death Experience, Spirituality And How To Use It In Daily Life (#42)

What is spirituality and how can you benefit from being more spiritual?

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David Ditchfield - His near-death experience, spirituality and how to use it practically in life | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

In 2006 David Ditchfield was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound near-death experience (NDE).

When he woke up in hospital, he had acquired astonishing new abilities. He found he could paint dramatic paintings of what he had seen in the Afterlife, far beyond any artistic ability he had before.

He then discovered a talent from composing classical music, having never received any training. To this day, he cannot read or write a single note of musical notation, and yet his debut NDE-inspired symphony, The Divine Light, was premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert to a standing ovation.

He now lives, paints and composes in a converted riverside mill near Cambridge, UK.

In this podcast we dig into David’s near-death experience and what spirituality really means.

Contacting David:

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

If you don’t have self-love, you don’t have self confidence. If you don’t have any self-worth, you won’t be guided.

“We are always in a hurry” – Stopping, and being in the moment, is a good way of finding your bliss.

“If you want to know where your heart is, watch where your mind goes when it wanders.”

Things you can’t do because of “time,” “money” or [insert reason]… Are the things you are meant to do.

“It was an ultra-real place!”

Question of the day:

Is there a risk that suicide rates would dramatically rise if a beautiful afterlife was proven?

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The full podcast:

Related episode:

A significant theme that runs through this show is that of self-love.

To dig a little deeper, check out what Gary Hensel had to say about self-love in this short clip from the podcast…

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Show notes:

  • 00:50 – David’s near-death experience.
  • 19:13 – How David channels energy and his use of spiritual healing.
  • 27:47 – The Law or Attraction, Synchronicities and The Secret – Is this spiritual, biological or both?
  • 30:28 – Finding your authentic self or “your bliss”.
  • 32:03 – More on David’s process for channeling energy.
  • 33:29 – More on finding your authentic self or “your bliss”.
  • 36:35 – Would suicide rates dramatically rise if a beautiful afterlife was proven?
  • 38:12 – Appreciating the beauty of life.
  • 41:31 – Was David’s experience a spiritual one or one caused by a psychedelic substance released in his body?
  • 47:25 – The evolution of science.
  • 49:05 – A discussion about death.
  • 53:02 – The importance of relaxation.
  • 57:10 – David’s life before his near death experience.
  • 01:01:54 – David’s life after his near death experience and his current spiritual practice.
  • 01:04:19 – How David makes important decisions now.
  • 01:05:54 – How David deals with his physical and mental issues from the accident.
  • 01:08:06 – Tips for people who need physical or mental support.
  • 01:14:01 – What is unconditional love and true peace, and how to attain them?
  • 01:21:40 – What is “light” and how is it “the bringer of life”?
  • 01:27:00 – Point and call.
  • 01:28:16 – How can spirituality be used in a practical sense?
  • 01:30:04 – David’s final message.
  • 01:31:20 – Gaz’s final message.
  • 01:31:50 – Where to find David’s art and music.
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