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Christopher Peters – Fame, Fortune, Fighting & Angels (#96)

Lessons from Chris life including: Hollywood, Fame, Fortune, Barbra Streisand, Sharon Stone, UFOs, MMA and much more

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Christopher Peters - Fame, Fortune, Fighting & Angels (#96) | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Chris Peters is the son of movie producer Jon Peters (studio head, producer of Batman, Rain Man, The Color Purple, Superman Returns) and actress Lesley Ann Warren (Academy Award Nominated Actress – Cinderella, Victor Victoria and, Desperate Housewives).

Chris was raised in Malibu, completing his education at Beverly Hills High then Goddard College in Vermont (Masters in Business and Communications). He then took a position at Warner Records, signing and developing emerging talent for the label.

After that, he starred in TV roles for CBS Morningstar/Eveningstar and appeared in a number of films including The Lost Boys and River’s Edge.

In the late 1990’s, after Chris started with Peters Entertainment, he developed and sold a new and exciting take on the Robin Hood franchise to Warner Bros, securing a producing title and his first major studio film as producer. In the following year, Chris rose to VP of Peters entertainment developing projects such as Superman Returns, the famous Japanese cartoon Akira, The Blob, A Star is Born and others.

Chris also raised millions of dollars for the World Combat Championships (WCC), his own No Holds Barred fighting challenge, which hosted world renowned martial artists, including Renzo Gracie, Bart Vale, Erik Paulson and James Warring.

Three years ago, Chris experienced an inexplicable event that changed his perspective on life and humanity.

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Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

Listen to the music and rhythm of nature. Even if it’s for a couple of minutes, go outside, sit in the same place, leave your technology and just be there.

If you are willing to be open and connect with nature, it will connect with you.

“The thing that got me into drugs was my inability to resolve all the devastation that happened from my dad […] The inability to resolve that pain led me to drugs […] I had a lifetime of pain and suffering from wanting my dad to love me and trying to be many different people to satisfy [him] […] That’s what turned me to drugs.”

If you can see the end result of your biggest dream, relationship, business, or where you want to end up, that is 80%-90% of achieving it. The rest is just starting, following through and not giving up.

Usual recovery methods (like Alcoholics Anonymous meetings) ultimately led to Chris overcoming his drug addiction.

“That world of fighters is strippers and painkillers.”

“Fame is empty. It’s great to have money, we need money.” “The pursuit of fame […] is hollow.”

Paraphrased from Chris: “I think the reason I finally got sober is because I allowed myself to let go of the past. Although I did a lot of writing about it, I was able to forgive myself and just let it go.”

“Sometimes the answer is that there is no answer (in that moment).”

Paraphrased from Chris: “After getting sober, the simplest things in life started to become the most glorious things.”

“There’s so much richness in every moment.”

Sobriety is like a spiritual awakening as you open up to the wonders of life from a state of numbness and death inside.

Be open. Have childlike wonder. Have love.

Question of the day:

“What were the difficulties of living a luxurious lifestyle?”

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Show notes:

  • 00:00:00 – Coming up.
  • 00:00:25 – Show introduction.
  • 00:01:12 – Shaun’s gifts.
  • 00:02:08 – Growing up in LA.
  • 00:13:58 – “The Red-Headed Mad Man.”
  • 00:18:02 – How Jon Peters met Barbra Streisand (& their relationship).
  • 00:26:37 – Drugs, hookers & domestic violence.
  • 00:37:20 – Chris’ role in martial arts & World Combat.
  • 00:39:41 – Chris’ relationship with Sharon Stone.
  • 00:56:07 – Was Chris’ sobriety a spiritual awakening?
  • 00:56:53 – Chris’ experiences with UFO’s, angels and God.
  • 01:15:21 – Where you can find Chris’ videos and images.
  • 01:17:35 – Chris’ final message.
  • 01:20:26 – Shaun & Gaz’s final message
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