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Christmas Vacations

Some great Christmas getaways

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New York City at Christmas

Christmas travels

Most of us love a little bit of Ho-Ho-Ho, it is the festive season after all! But if all of that shopping, wrapping and general goodwill is leaving you feeling underwhelmed, maybe it’s time to think about Christmas holidays?

What’s your idea of the perfect Christmas vacation? If you are a lover of Christmas you might dream of being encased in a furry blanket as you trundle across snow covered planes, sipping hot chocolate and marvelling at the twinkling stars.

Sun-worshippers might prefer something a little less chilly and like the idea of soft sands gently sloping to an azure blue sea. Cocktail in hand, you can forget about that jolly little red man causing madness and mayhem across the globe.

Whether you are a festive fan or more of a “bah humbug” we have Christmas vacation ideas that will get you packing your suitcase before you can roast chestnuts on an open fire.

Jingle those bells and check out these great Christmas getaways:

New York – Getaway to the city that never sleeps.

Fancy a tad of Christmas shopping? A soupcon of sightseeing? A Broadway show? A bit of hustle and bustle to wake you up? Then my festive friends, you must head to New York for your Christmas holidays.

The lights are certainly bright in New York, prepare to be dazzled by the Rockerfeller Centre Christmas tree and while you’re at it glide around the Rockefeller ice skating rink.

Ice Skate in NYC

Stare in awe at the elaborately crafted window displays as you take a stroll along Fifth Avenue and check out Grand Central Terminal’s Holiday Laser Light Show.

Take in the renowned sites, you can’t go to New York without checking out the Empire State Building, visiting Times Square and saluting the Statue of Liberty.

You should also pick up one of the amazing shows on Broadway, that will take your mind off the what to buy for Great Aunt Maud!

Bermuda – Sun, sea and sand.

It doesn’t have to be a white Christmas to make it a special one – in Bermuda the sand is almost white, so maybe that counts anyway?

There’s no roaring fire and no place for a steaming Christmas pud; in fact, you’ll need to replace that warming mulled wine for a cooling cocktail. If you are seeking tranquillity, sun on your face and a haven from the hectic traditions of Christmas, then Bermuda is the place to be.

Enjoy the Bermuda sunshine

Laze on the sands, lose yourself in a good book, explore the island; then take a bowl of fish chowder (considered the national food of Bermuda) and wash it down with a hearty rum.

The ocean might not be quite as warm in December and the Bermudians have a sort of tradition that means many wait until Bermuda Day (May 24th) before venturing for a swim in the ocean but if you’re feeling hardy take a refreshing dip and wash off that pre-Christmas panic.

Scotland – Bring on tradition

Crisp winter air and a wee dram of whiskey, ah we do love Christmas holidays that hark back to tradition and are based on fun, friends and warmth.

Scotland has an abundance of charm, Christmas markets where shoppers can happily browse and welcoming inns are plentiful. We defy you not to sit by a roaring fire and enjoy a Christmas vacation here.

Embrace the Scottish culture

Of course, it’s not all kilts, bagpipes and shortbread, Scotland has acclaimed eateries and vibrant stores, not to mention winter festivities that are staged in cities and towns everywhere. Bring on the ceilidh-dancing and get your Christmas holidays off to the perfect start.

The only problem is that you might not want to go home. Scotland and New Year celebrations go hand-in-hand, it will be hard to leave while those around you are gearing up for Hogmanay in true Scottish fashion.

Austria – How sporting

Feeling sluggish due to the run up to the festive season? It seems no sooner than the Halloween pumpkins are packed away, out come the decorations and mince pies.

With festivities starting earlier there’s more merry-making to be done. Maybe you need a Christmas vacation to blow away those cobwebs?

There’s not much more refreshing than zooming down a mountain with a pair of skis and two poles for company.

Snowy slopes of Austria

It’s exhilarating and will give you a sense of freedom that you can’t get when crammed into stores trying to pay for the bath bombs and socks that you expect will be consigned to the back of some-one’s drawers.

If skiing isn’t your bag you could snowboard, build an igloo, take a toboggan ride, go out in a horse-drawn carriage. Then there are the spa options – massages, hot-tubs, saunas, just feel that Christmas stress melting away. Otherwise just enjoy the après-ski, we say Schnapps to that.

Lapland – Christmas incarnate

How can we possibly discuss Christmas vacation ideas without a nod to Santa’s very own home? If you love the magic of Christmas then head to the Arctic Circle for a Christmas holiday you will never forget.

Visit Lapland

Lapland offers the picture-perfect Noel-inspired backdrop. Snow-capped trees litter endless enchanted forests and little wooden cabins beckon you to “come inside and get cosy.” Reindeer play merrily and if you are not patting them gently you are being pulled along by them on a wondrous sleigh ride.

This is Christmas of storybooks – all crackling log fires and pure festive fun.

If you’re more of an active soul there are sporting activities you can partake in Lapland too. You can explore the wilderness aboard a snowmobile or don a pair of skis and effortlessly glide around this snowy kingdom.

Enjoy the snow

The main attraction here is the big man himself – Mr Claus. Santa is a busy fellow, more so than ever in the run up to the festive season, but a Christmas vacation in Lapland will get you up close and personal with Father Christmas himself, we hope you have all been good girls and boys?

Have fun travelling this Christmas!

Christmas is more than a season, it’s a feeling and if you’re feeling down or a little flat then you need to inject a little happiness and energy by booking yourself the perfect Christmas vacation.

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.

Edna Ferber

Christmas getaways can be traditional and festive or adventurous and drenched in sun.

Don’t follow convention, do what you want – Christmas is a time for giving, so give yourself a Christmas holiday and enjoy!

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