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Cheap Dating Ideas

Smashing relationship goals with cheap date ideas

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Outdoor dates

Taking your favourite person out on a date doesn’t have to drain your bank balance.

The creativity, thought and passion that goes into planning a date will give you more points than any expensive night out.

You want to take them on a date that will leave you both with beautiful memories and heightened intimacy.

So, how do you create magic and spend quality time with each other on a limited budget without sacrificing romance?

It’s easy! You plan to do simple things with each other that makes your heart race, relax or melt.

You’ll find that you can enjoy each other’s company without spending any money at all.

Tips for planning a cheap date

You’ll have to consider a few things before deciding on taking your loved one out for date night.

Goal number one is not spending a lot of money but goal number two (the main goal) is to create a romantic experience that you both savour forever!

Stage 1: Consider the cost

Since the goal is to have a whole lot of fun for less, your budget should determine where you spend this quality time; therefore, stage one is to brainstorm places you can go within your budget!

It’s totally cool if you get an insane urge to splurge by taking them on a last-minute trip to Paris or the Maldives, but only if you can actually afford those exotic places.

A date night should not have you cringing when you see your bank balance the next day!


Stage 2: Plan based on your common interests

Once you have brainstormed places you can go within your budget, it is time to eliminate those that you or your loved one are just not that interested in.

If they think rock music is just indecipherable noise, it will be wise to cross a rock concert off your list.

You will only get lots of eye-rolls and not the excited reaction you’d hoped for.

This doesn’t mean you can’t try new things together, it just means he or she shouldn’t have an avowed hatred for what you’re planning to do together.

Picnic dates

Stage 3: Plan the specifics – How are you going to enjoy your time together?

First you need to think about the boring specifics… Logistics, date, time, etc.

Then you get to think about the fun stuff… How are you going to make this date exciting, romantic, loving or thoughtful?

Body language and energy is contagious – your partner will absorb your mood. If all you do is check your watch and pray for it to be over it’s safe to say the date will not go well!

So before you go, plan something fun, exciting or challenging that you can both get involved in. Get those hearts racing, relaxing and melting!

Picnic dates

Cheap and fun ideas for a romantic date

1. Cook a healthy homemade meal

Spending a few hours in the kitchen and setting the candle lit table up can be a night to remember without spending all that money at some swanky restaurant.

Some preparation on what to cook and how to cook it is all that’s needed.

This can be done as a surprise for your loved one (thoughtful) or together (fun).

Cooking and eating together can be fun and will certainly bring you closer, especially if the dish is challenging, messy or exotic.

Take a look at our cheap healthy meals article for some ideas.

2. Spend the night on the beach

Late night beach date

It’s like a scene from a romance – a beautiful night, a deserted beach, a romantic couple and gentle waves lapping against the shore.

The soothing sensation of warm air caressing your face, the view of sea birds drifting around in the vibrant sunset, the peaceful sound of the sea swirling in the moons control and the gentle aroma of your partners essence as you embrace, can become a highlight of your relationship.

Even if your nearest beach is a few hours drive away, the road trip can be just as romantic as the time spent on the beach – Again, plan to have fun!

3. Sign up for some dance lessons

This idea is awesome whether you’re an expert dancer or you have two left feet. Dance can be sexy, exciting and funny, as well as being a great workout!

Both of you have the chance to let down your hair and let loose with each other. Not a dancer? Go ahead and be embarrassed – they’ll think you’re adorable.

There are plenty of dance classes around nowadays, especially for salsa, rumba, ballroom, jive, waltz, tango and even zumba if you class that as a dance.

Go on, take the stage and show off your skills, or lack of. What matters is that you’ll get to spend quality time with each other.

4. Dust off your swimming gear and head to the water

Swimming dates at the lake

Set out a day or night and hit the water.

You can go paddling, kayaking, swimming or even just chill poolside with a glass of something cold.

Take your camera along and get some great water shots for the album while you enjoy each other’s company.

You get to spend quality time with your significant other and give your followers a bout of social media envy – #RelationshipGoals

Some time by the water can be exciting, relaxing or romantic, how’s that for a cheap date?

5. Pack a basket and drive out for a picnic

Home-made Lunch date

A great picnic basket usually has a bottle of your favourite red wine, savoury snacks and some other refreshments that suit your (and your partner’s) taste.

Drive out, find a nice spot to lay your blanket, spread out your goodies and do something that makes it memorable – write poem or a song, play an instrument, exchange massages (of the relaxing type, not the mobile phone type) or make something unique like a blanket, pillow or ornament (carve out of wood).

Enjoy the sunset with a your best friend and a touch of uniqueness and you’ll never forget the experience.

6. Attend an unknown band’s concert

Local event date

It’s common knowledge that there are more unknown bands than there are music fans.

Concerts by these bands are not hard to find at all.

These events need concert goers, hence, the reason they are sometimes free or unbelievably cheap.

Imagine the story of witnessing the next big superstar before he/she became famous!

Superstars have to start somewhere!

7. Visit an arcade

Although a visit the local arcade may not seem like the most romantic date, the fun, excitement and memories that you create will only strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Be young and carefree again!

Seek out nostalgia by playing old video games that you played as kids, or fight a heated duel by competing in contemporary games.

Your time together is sure to end in a few laughs, which is absolutely necessary for your relationship to flourish.

8. Sing yourself hoarse at a karaoke bar

Show off your musical prowess or the fact that you are irredeemably tone deaf and give each other something to laugh about.

Like other cheap date ideas we have mentioned in this article, karaoke can be one hell of a laugh, or it can be extremely sexy if you fancy yourself as bit of an Elvis Presley or Christina Aguilera.

You can also add a bit of romance by choosing songs that display your feelings to each other.

Sing or croak, the important thing is that you’ll be spending quality time with the person that matters.

9. Sleep under the stars

Sleep outdoors together

How? The answer is camping of course!

It costs nothing to pitch a tent in your backyard and even if you decide to go to a known campsite, you’ll pay next to nothing.

Nothing gets more romantic than counting the stars in each other’s arms, whilst whispering sweet nothings into each others ears.

Once again, this can become an outing you will never forget.

10. Drive in movies are great for date nights

Old movies will show you lovely couples dressed in the most tasteful vintage fashion, sitting wrapped up in each other’s arms on their car bonnets.

It worked then, it still works now. In fact, this is one of the most underrated cheap date ideas ever!

Pick a comedy and laugh with each other or sob in each other’s arms by picking a classic romance story, either way you’ll have a great time without breaking the bank.

Final word

When it comes to the perfect date, often, less is more!

All you need to fun time with each other, is each other!.

Even the cheap dates can help to stimulate your minds and strengthen your relationship if you take the time to plan and remember to:

  • Get hearts racing (excitement)
  • Get hearts relaxing (comfort)
  • Get hearts melting  (romance)

Much love!

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Cheap Dating Ideas

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