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Charles Kovess – Finding Your Purpose, Passion & Living A Successful Life (#64)

Life lessons from Australia’s “Passion Provocateur”

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Charles Kovess - Finding Your Purpose, Passion & Living A Successful Life (#64) | The Black Country Buddhas Podcast | My Home Vitality

Introduction to guest:

Charles Kovess is a professional speaker, executive coach and author who helps men, women, and organisations, to achieve world-class results, and enjoy life at the same time.

He’s earned an international distinction as a Certified Speaking Professional, which is the highest level of speaking qualification, and was the President of Australia’s National Speakers Association as well as the Chairman of the Australian Institute of Comedy.

As well as coaching and speaking, he is contributing to the global expansion of hemp, as the Secretary of The Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance.

Some of the main topics we discuss in this podcast include:

  • How to find your purpose and passion in life.
  • How to achieve success, even if you find yourself in the most challenging of circumstances.
  • How to design effective goals.
  • What makes a good speech and what to avoid when giving a speech.
  • The uses of industrialised hemp and its relationship to marijuana.
  • Advice for parents or future parents about raising children.

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More from Charles:

Key quotes and takeaways from the show:

There is no agreement on the purpose of our lives, each one of us has to craft it.

“My purpose is to learn and grow.”

“The more difficult questions you ask, the more I grow.”

The scale/hierarchy of values.

“Our passions are clues to the suburb of our purpose.”

“Enjoy the journey of discovering your purpose using passion”

“Passion is a source of unlimited energy from your soul that enables you to produce extraordinary results.”

Improve your health = increased energy = use that energy to pursue your passion in your discretionary time.


  • Necessity
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Sleep
  • Discretionary time.

“Protecting your children from challenges is a losing strategy because those children will be dependent on you.”

“Every one of us has the same 168 hours per week.”

“A lack of time is a lack of priorities.”

Mental goals: income generation, skills development, etc.

Spiritual goals: family, friends, faith, freedom, fearlessness, fun, fortitude, philosophy, fornication, etc.

Physical goals: health, sport, competition, nutrition, etc.

“Goals have to be consistent with the purpose that I want (the scale of values).”

“I focus on the process and let the outcome take care of itself.”

We say health is more important than our wealth but why are so many people unhealthy? If you don’t act in line with your words you are at “dis-ease”… “disease”.

“What are you willing to give your life for?”

Stories, humour, metaphor, analogy.

“Repetition is the mother of learning.”

The first 4.5 days of the induction of a cleaner at Disneyland was all about the history of Disneyland. The last half a day was how to do the cleaning job.

Analogy: link the unknown with the known.

Our brain is hardwired to avoid pain.

On humour: “take risks.”

“We never knew we were poor because no one ever told us.”

On storytelling: “Relevance is imperative.”

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”

“Learning and growing is scary because I cannot learn and grow without making mistakes.”

“You become what you think about most of the time.”

“Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skill.”

“You only learn through problems. Problems are there to instruct, not obstruct.”

“Human freedom is most protected by successful family farms.”

Hemp can create: food, clothing, shelter, medicine, fertiliser, fuel, composite materials, cosmetic products, rope/twine and packaging materials to replace plastic.

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Your children must feel loved in the first 7 years of their life.

Question of the day:

“Why are you alive?”

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Show notes:

  • 00:00 – Overall show introduction.
  • 00:44 – Finding your purpose and getting things done in life –
  • 02:45 – Introduction to today’s show.
  • 04:32 – Hello from Melbourne Australia.
  • 05:30 – What is the point of life?
  • 11:22 – How to find your purpose.
  • 18:42 – How do you follow your dreams if you struggle financially?
  • 25:40 – How to make time to follow your passion if you have a lot of commitments.
  • 31:08 – An analogy about the important things in life.
  • 32:03 – How Charles plans to live to 120 and setting goals.
  • 40:47 – Process goals Vs. Outcome goals and Charles’ goal setting process.
  • 49:12 – The importance of identity.
  • 49:49 – Living to 500,000 years old.
  • 51:07 – How our beliefs physically impact upon our cells.
  • 52:50 – The 4 elements of a great speech.
  • 01:01:10 – An example of a good storyteller.
  • 01:03:24 – Charles’ recommendations for storytelling.
  • 01:08:16 – The greatest definition of success.
  • 01:12:59 – The importance of the journey, rather than the end goal.
  • 01:13:40 – Dealing with life’s problems and the personal development journey.
  • 01:16:42 – The commercialisation and industrialisation of hemp.
  • 01:21:23 – The difference between industrial hemp and marijuana.
  • 01:23:16 – Political issues around the industrialisation of hemp.
  • 01:26:36 – Principles that Charles lives by.
  • 01:27:11 – Resources that Charles often gifts, recommends and refers back to.
  • 01:29:27 – Advice to current and future parents.
  • 01:30:55 – How has Charles been “successfully” married 3 times?
  • 01:32:04 – The meaning of life is never ending.
  • 01:33:08 – Where to find more from Charles.
  • 01:33:27 – The purpose of Charles’ speeches and his final message.
  • 01:34:43 – Where to find more, next week’s guest and
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