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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

How to use the Law of Attraction and channel energy in real life!

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life | Gareth Philpotts | My Home Vitality

My daughter’s hoarding habit

Over the past few months my daughter has developed a habit of hoarding things – toys, packets, wrappers, rocks and sticks.

When I ask her what she is keeping them for, she replies: “to make something with.”

At first, I found this annoying and often had to turn to some form of mindfulness or Stoic practice to deal with my anger – Arrrgggghhhhh, what is all this junk!?


It reminded me of the film Signs, starring Mel Gibson…

In the film, his daughter, Bo, continually leaves glasses of water around the house.

Every time she takes a drink, she says the water is contaminated, then puts it somewhere in the lounge, only to get herself a fresh glass.

The lounge is filled with glasses of water!

The character of Mel Gibson doesn’t react, he just lets her be.

Later in the film, an alien enters the house and grabs hold of her brother.

During a struggle, one of the glasses of water spills onto the alien and it burns him.

They quickly realise that water is the alien’s kryptonite!

Bo’s uncle then smashes all the glasses of water on the alien to kill him and save the family.

The whole film is full of little things that ultimately piece together for good.

I now see the benefits

So why am I telling you this?

Two reasons…

First of all, when my daughter does use this junk, she makes marvellous, wonderful, creative things; she calculates how to piece bits together, she makes stuff happen and that makes me smile!

It’s a win-win!

Less to recycle, more smiles for us both and she’s not sat in front of a screen!

Some may see this as a problem, but I believe that this so-called “problem” will result in her success in the future.

Channelling her energy to create unique things will be an extremely sort-after skill. There’s no doubt that the creativity of today’s children will design our world’s future!

Secondly, I have noticed that the more I interfere, the worse the situation gets!

It creates a feeling of loss within my daughter, which then turns into conflict… We’re like two rams butting heads!

Using the law of attraction

I am big on the Law of Attraction and I often think about how I can apply it to life; so now, I just don’t react…

Energy flows where attention goes.

Giving instant emotion-filled attention to these situations just adds fuel to the fire.

By removing my energy and attention, I remove the fuel, easing the situation, which then subsides.

Just a caveat, if I do see her about to pick up anything dangerous, I stop her!

As a parent I have to be aware that she could pick up something dangerous, but it’s funny how the more I leave her be, the more she makes her own safe decisions.

Because I don’t hound over her on the small stuff, the big stuff never comes up!

I believe that these situations are sent to us and, if we are ready to accept them, they can teach us valuable lessons.

So what have I learned and how can you benefit?

Don’t be so quick to interfere with life; sometimes you just have to let things flow and shape naturally. Life will go on without my meddling ego!

Be mindful of where you focus your energy and thoughts.

Energy flows where attention goes.


Thoughts become things.

What you predominately think about and where you place your energy will eventually manifest into your life.

You and your surroundings are the product of your mind and your thoughts. You think most of the time!

We are energy!

I understand that this is a hard philosophy for some people to take on board but you have to believe we are energy, physics proves it!

If you’re sitting in a comfortable chair, reading this on the internet with your favourite cup of brew, you have to believe that everything is on you!

You’re extremely lucky to have been born into a life where you have the opportunity to decide what’s “good” or “bad,” and it’s mostly a matter of your perception.

Good, bad, victory, defeat, success, failure, these are all choices!

In the words of Wayne Dyer…

Change your thoughts, change your life!

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