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Be So Happy You Become Unf*ckwithable!

An unf*ckwithable guide to happiness!

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Be So Happy You Become Unfuckwithable | My Home Vitality

Being unf*ckwithable

The notion of becoming unf*ckwithable has come up a few times on our podcast, yet it’s rare for a guest to have ever heard of it.

As such, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about it so everyone can benefit.

I don’t know who first coined the term “unf*ckwithable” but, unfortunately, I cannot take the credit!

It was devised by someone much more intelligent than me, but as we will see later, unf*ckwithability makes me grateful they did!

Unf*ckwithable (adj.)

When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.

Why is unf*ckwithability important and what does it have to do with happiness?

Well, firstly, unf*ckwithability, like Jiu-Jitsu, is a superpower.

Jiu-Jitsu stops the little man getting hurt physically by the bigger, stronger opponent.

Unf*ckwithability stops the little man getting hurt mentally and emotionally by the smarter, wittier opponent.

If you cannot be dominated physically, mentally or emotionally, you are free from the external stress of someone forcing their will upon you.

If you don’t worry about being dominated physically, mentally or emotionally, you are free from the internal stress of worrying.

It’s not the golden chalice of happiness but it’s certainly the basis!

Love yourself with unf*ckwithability

People often say that you can only love and find happiness when you love yourself, and find happiness with yourself; however, they very rarely explain what that means.

I believe unf*ckwithability is what they mean!

If you’re not worried about others dominating you physically, mentally or emotionally, you break free.

When you realise this, fashion, conformity, boob jobs and large doses of anabolic steroids start to appear ridiculous.

You care less about what others think and focus more on the things you love!

A lesson in not caring

Let me be clear, unf*ckwithability is not a philosophy of carelessness; it’s being so “at peace and in touch with yourself” that you’re meticulous about what you care about!

I’ve just realised, whilst writing, that I am heading down the same road as The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck; however, in the same vein as Magnus Magnusson “I’ve started, so I’ll finish.”

The whole premise of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is that, giving a f*ck, just like practice, is an art!

You have a limited amount of f*ck’s to give, so don’t waste them on petty things!


Be meticulous about what you care about!

How do you become unf*ckwithable

Take a while to think about this…

You become unf*ckwithable by not giving a f*ck about things that you shouldn’t give a f*ck about; yet, to give no f*cks, you must give!

What do I mean?…

If you use the advice given in our free ultimate meditation programme (coming soon) and genuinely wish for everyone to be happy, regardless of the situation, and expect nothing in return, you become unf*ckwithable!

Many of you may know that Gary Vee is a big advocate of this too…

When I say, “be so happy you become unf*ckwithable,” that’s exactly what I mean.

Train yourself to become GENUINELY happy for others and have zero expectations of them!

Then you will become unf*ckwithable and then you will find freedom!

Geoff Thompson provides an extreme example when he shook the hand of his childhood abuser to “exorcise [the] demons from [his] mind.”

Love, forgiveness and compassion seem impossible during difficult moments but learning to bestow such feelings and expect nothing in return is unf*ckwithability my friends!

No retaliation, no distress, just peace.

“Fear knocked on the door. Love answered and no one was there”…

P.S. Don’t get love, forgiveness and compassion mixed up with trust!

Wishing everyone happiness is very different to trusting everyone!

So to everyone who reads this… I genuinely wish you to be happy… I wish you to be safe… I wish you to be healthy, peaceful, and strong… May you have the ability to operate with perspective as you give and receive appreciation!

Much love! 🙏


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