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Alpha And Omega

A lesson in self-empowerment

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Alpha and Omega by Geoff Thompson | My Home Vitality

Stop moaning!

Stop moaning about who is letting you down. Your moaning does not serve you. It does not serve the Lord of Dance. Your moaning is tiresome, it is disempowering and frankly it is very unattractive because it is spilling over with self-pity. 

When I was heavily involved in the self-protection world, travelling the oceans to teach my brand of physical self-defence, one of the first things I learned and one of the primary lessons I taught was the need for the individual to accept personal responsibility.

If you talk to the police, they will tell you (and rightly so) that your personal security is, first and foremost, your own responsibility. It is not theirs. They will do their utmost to prevent crimes against a person, they will be diligent in trying to stop a crime in progress, and they will endeavour to solve crimes and prosecute criminals post assault. But the fact still remains – your security always was, always is and always will be your problem.

As I have extended my art from defence against an assailant, to defence against the self (defending yourself against your own shadows, addictions and ignorance) I find myself evangelising the same message….

Your personal security is your responsibility. It is not the responsibility of the judiciary.

Your health is your responsibility, it is not the charge of the medical fraternity.

(They are only really there to mend and heal what is already broken and worn)

Your welfare is your responsibility. It is not the liability of the state, even if you think it is, even if you wish it was. Stop trying to shame some icky politician into admitting his duck-pond guilt and instead look in the mirror; shame your self, be guilty that you are not in charge of your own life.

Your employment (and how much money you earn) it determined by you, if your job is below you and the wages poor you are accountable. You and you alone. By studying and increasing skills anyone can make themselves more valuable, more recession-proof in the workplace. Your education is also your responsibility, in public libraries you have access to every book ever written, by the greatest representatives of our species. They are all free. If you are undereducated you will not have to look far if you want someone to blame. Your pension is definitely your responsibility, you have a whole lifetime to prepare for your retirement, and if you fail to prepare then you should be prepared to fail – and don’t point the finger at anyone other than the man in the mirror. 

Ultimately your life is your responsibility. Even God helps only those that help themselves. The moment you surrender that responsibility to a third or fourth party you disempower your self, you become impudent.

How many times have you heard the pathetic, the weedy and the wan attack the police for not policing them or the government for not governing them or the doctors and nurses for not caring? Who the f*ck wants to be governed? Why would you want to be policed by someone else? Let me tell you, doctors will be far more inspired to care for you when they can see that you have bothered to care for yourself. 

If you are not a self-sovereign, if you don’t lead your self, you become anybody’s Joey, you become everybody’s lackey and like a carriage without a directing passenger you will be driven and dragged in the direction of the strongest forces, but they will not be the forces of your own will, and you will be taken in every direction, but it will not be a direction of choice.

Your life is not their responsibility it is yours. 

To be truly safe you must ‘self’ police.

For perpetually good life policies, you must ‘self’ govern; look after the body politic.

And to be in good health…heal thy self. 

This is exciting! This is very exciting.

When you stop blaming and claiming and shaming and take charge of your self, when you empower your self and take responsibility for your own bones you become one very powerful, one very rare and one very attractive individual, and you permit your self to access a brave and limitless cosmos. 

You are great! You are your own police. You are your own medicine. You employ and govern your self. You are your own Alpha and you are your own Omega. You are your only enemy, you are you only friend.

So please… stop moaning about who is letting you down and stop letting yourself down. You’ll be surprised that when you are determined to wholly take responsibility for your existence, the Lord of the holy universe will proffer you the power to own and determine that existence. 

Be well.

Geoff Thompson

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