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A Warning For The Future?

Is this natural pandemic a warning for the future?

What do you think?

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A Warning For The Future | My Home Vitality

A separation from nature

It’s believed that man has walked the Earth for around 200,000 years.

For much of that time he hunted, gathered food, and was a part of nature’s natural balance.

In the advent of farming and later, throughout the industrial revolution, man’s connection with the Earth became disconnected.

Many people walking the Earth today think that they can control nature or, at least, consider themselves separate from it.

The disconnect

Such a disconnect means that some humans get blindsided in the midst of a natural pandemic.

It’s something that’s been forced upon them, something they can’t control.

“WHAT?! This can’t happen to me! You mean I, YES I, have to que up for food, and there’s no sparkling water?!”

You’re an animal. A talking bald chimp, living on a spinning rock that’s heated by a giant fireball.

You’re not God.

You cannot control nature.

You are not disconnected from it.

You are part of this planet.

Nature is the cause and we are nature

There are lots of conspiracies arguing the cause of this pandemic – bats, secret laboratory testing, 5G – but one thing’s for sure, it came from nature.

The fact that bats, mad scientists and 5G all derive from animals, in one way or another, means that nature is at the helm.

Is this a warning for the future?

Imagine a tree – trunk, branches and leaves – then turn it upside down and compare it to the human respiratory system. It’s almost identical.

Not only that, the tree and the lungs are working in a symbiotic relationship.

The tree absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, and the lungs draw in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

They are part of the same system, they are linked.

Perhaps nature, in its unexplainable way, has developed a virus that makes it hard to breathe as punishment, or to prepare us for what’s to come.

In 2019, a football pitch-size patch of tropical rainforest was lost every six seconds.

By destroying Earth’s lungs, are we destroying our own?

Perhaps this is a warning that, unless we change as a species, balancing measures will be taken. Maybe that’s the only way Earth has a fighting chance.

Regardless of our ego and technological advances, we are still nature.

A warning for the future

This virus could be our first warning to remember where we came from and where we could end up.

For your own health – mental, physical and spiritual – reconnect with nature and work with it, rather than trying to control it.

You are a part of this planet and it is a part of you.

Look after it as you would your own mind, heart or lungs.

Until next time, take care of yourself.


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