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40 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

40 random acts of kindness ideas that you and the whole world can benefit from

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40 Random Acts of Kindness | My Home Vitality

40 Random Acts of Kindness

Try some of these random acts of kindness to benefit from some of the advantages explained in my recent article The Benefits Of Random Acts Of Kindness

  1. Put a surprise note or drawing where a friend or family member will find it:
    1. In their lunch box.
    2. Under their cup.
    3. On the fridge.
    4. On the mirror.
    5. On their computer screen.
  1. Post a genuine compliment to three people on social media.
  1. Help someone with their shopping.
  1. Help someone cross the road.
  1. Let someone out or into your lane when driving.
  1. Let a person behind you in line go first.
  1. Compliment a boss or work colleague for something you admire in them but which you have never expressed.
  1. Write a good review for a company, podcast show, website or colleague.
  1. Forgive someone. And really mean it. You don’t have to trust them, but you can forgive them.
  1. Pay for someone’s coffee, parking ticket, movie ticket, ice cream, library fee, groceries, lunch or meal at a restaurant (anonymously if you can).
  1. Invite the person standing alone at a party or function into your conversation.
  1. Just be there to listen to someone who’s having a tough time.
  1. Leave a thank-you note for the postman, milkman or paper boy.
  1. Donate to a local charity or give to a food bank.
  1. Send an anonymous card or letter to someone you admire.
  1. Leave money in a vending machine for someone.
  1. Cook for someone.
  1. Pick up litter.
  1. Buy flowers and hand them out to strangers.
  1. Leave letters of encouragement on peoples’ cars.
  1. Hold open doors for people.
  1. Write letters to soldiers, nurses, policemen or rescue service personnel.
  1. Walk someone’s dog for them.
  1. Clear your road and your neighbours drives when it snows.
  1. Take someone new in your neighbourhood on a tour of the town.
  1. Send letters instead of texts.
  1. Play music to people.
  1. Volunteer
  1. Make your family or partner breakfast in bed.
  1. Leave a generous tip.
  1. Offer to photograph a couple or family.
  1. Prepare lunch for everyone in your family.
  1. Help someone who has broken down or who has a flat tyre.
  1. Give up your seat on public transport for someone.
  1. Give someone your favourite book or film to benefit from.
  1. Write someone a poem.
  1. Teach someone something valuable for free.
  1. Offer compliments to complete strangers.
  1. Wash your neighbour’s car.
  1. Participate in a fundraising event.

Use the PDF button below to be able to print this list off in PDF format.

Try ticking each act off as you go through the month.

Purchasing a laminator and laminating pouches will make this list reusable for years.

Stick it to the refrigerator so the whole family can get into the habit of doing something kind for others.

Afterall, everyone benefits!


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